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MyThemeShop Content Locker – Pro

Content Locker Pro is an advanced plugin that empowers you to restrict access to your content until visitors perform specific actions such as sharing or subscribing. This potent tool has been rigorously tested and proven effective for boosting website traffic and expanding your mailing list.

With Content Locker Pro, you gain the ultimate method to garner social shares, likes, and build a robust mailing list. If you possess valuable content that users are eager to read, this plugin can be employed to exchange ‘reads’ for social engagement or user registrations. Backed by a track record of excellence and loaded with numerous features!

This plugin offers simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring that even non-technical users can seamlessly employ it. The interface is intuitive, allowing you to set up a content locker within moments, irrespective of the page on your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) compatibility is paramount. Content Locker Pro is meticulously designed to strike a balance between locking content from readers while allowing search engines like Google to fully index your page for improved keyword search ranking.

Compatibility is key in the WordPress ecosystem, given the multitude of themes and plugins. Content Locker Pro is engineered to work harmoniously with any WordPress theme, whether it’s a custom creation or a premium option.

Mobile optimization is critical as mobile users constitute a substantial portion of your audience. Content Locker Pro is expertly optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience across various screen sizes and touch interfaces.

Unlike some plugins that burden your site’s performance, Content Locker Pro is lightweight, utilizing your server’s resources efficiently and delivering content swiftly to readers’ devices.

Developers are in for a treat with Content Locker Pro’s adaptability. While designed for user-friendliness, it offers extensibility, allowing for customization and behavior adjustment. The code is well-structured and comprehensively documented, enabling developers to tailor it to their preferences.

This plugin provides two distinct locker types, enabling you to maximize exposure through multiple channels. You can capture email addresses to bolster your email list or employ the social locker to enhance your social media reach. Both functionalities are integrated into the same plugin, offering centralized management.

Customization is key in branding. Content Locker Pro comes with seven unique locker designs, empowering you to choose the design that aligns seamlessly with your website’s aesthetics.

The ‘Share to Unlock’ feature enables readers to unlock content by sharing it on various platforms, instantly expanding your audience. Moreover, content shared through friends and connections tends to receive more attention, enhancing your content’s viral potential.

Content Locker Pro supports major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This feature taps into substantial traffic sources, allowing you to harness these platforms to your advantage.

Another unlocking method involves requiring readers to log in to access locked content. They can either use existing social accounts like Facebook, Google, or Twitter, or create a new account using their email address. This approach also aids in collecting valuable email addresses.

The plugin’s advanced locking options allow you to experiment with different strategies to find the most effective approach for your content.

By allowing readers to share your content on Facebook, you expose it to a broader audience through their connections, exponentially increasing your content’s visibility.

The ‘Twitter Follow to Unlock’ feature encourages readers to follow your Twitter account in exchange for unlocking content, helping you expand your follower base and engage with your audience more frequently.

Content sharing on Google Plus comes with the added benefit of enhancing your search engine rankings and driving more traffic to your site. This is due to the social signals sent to Google through +1 actions.

If you’re active on YouTube, you understand the value of subscribers. Content Locker Pro streamlines the process of growing your YouTube subscriber base, resulting in increased viewership and better search rankings.

LinkedIn is paramount in the business world. With Content Locker Pro, you can increase your reach on this platform, attracting business opportunities and generating leads.

Building an email list is a strategic move, granting you the power to summon traffic on demand and convert cold leads into engaged readers. Content Locker Pro simplifies the process of building an email list.

Your email list’s security and accessibility are vital. Content Locker Pro stores your email list securely within the WordPress database, offering you easy access and control over your valuable asset.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with various third-party email delivery services, saving you the trouble of managing email delivery yourself.

Popular email service providers like Mailchimp, MailerLite, AWeber, Active Campaign, and more are seamlessly integrated with Content Locker Pro, ensuring smooth communication with your subscribers.

You can export the collected email addresses in CSV format, enabling easy management and integration with other databases or platforms.

Advanced analytics provide crucial insights for informed decision-making. Content Locker Pro provides comprehensive metrics to optimize your campaigns, boost likes and opt-ins, and accelerate your site’s growth.

You can track the performance of each locker individually, allowing you to fine-tune and optimize specific pages on your website.

Integration with Google Analytics is included, giving you access to powerful analytical capabilities and in-depth data insights.

The plugin employs Ajax to load content dynamically, enhancing user experience by delivering content precisely when readers are ready for it.

Language customization for buttons is essential to cater to a global audience. Content Locker Pro makes it simple to adjust button text to match your website’s language and audience.

Lazy loading enhances performance by loading elements as needed, reducing loading times and optimizing user experience.

Displaying terms and policies builds trust with your readers. Content Locker Pro supports the display of terms and conditions to foster a sense of transparency.

You have the option to hide content from logged-in users who value their privacy, potentially increasing engagement.

Mobile optimization is customizable. If you prefer not to use Content Locker Pro on mobile devices, the option is available, providing full control over its application.

The choice to display a close icon on the screen gives readers control over closing the content locker and makes the user experience more seamless.

For button layout, you can opt for a vertical arrangement, which has been thoroughly tested for compatibility across various devices, especially mobile.

Transparent and blurred content options enable you to provide a teaser of locked content, sparking curiosity and potentially enhancing user engagement.

Time-based locking adds urgency, compelling readers to share or opt in to unlock content within a specified timeframe.

Relocking content after a set period prevents sneaky users from bypassing the locker by refreshing the page. This encourages genuine engagement.

Automatic content unlocking after a specific duration offers an alternative to strict locking, giving readers the choice to wait for the content to be accessible.


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