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MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro Elevate Your Blog with Engaging Quizzes

WP Quiz Pro is the ultimate premium WordPress plugin for enhancing your blog with polished, responsive, and contemporary quizzes. With WP Quiz Pro, you can effortlessly create engaging quizzes that not only boost user engagement but also help grow your email list and increase social shares. This plugin simplifies the process of building powerful and visually appealing quizzes for your website or blog, keeping your visitors glued to your content. Harness the power of quizzes to go viral and reduce your bounce rate with WP Quiz Pro.

If you’re someone who’s passionate about crafting high-traffic posts, you’ll absolutely love our latest product. Viral content can be challenging to produce, but what if you had a tool that could help you create one viral post after another? Imagine the possibilities! Crafting compelling quizzes tailored to your enthusiastic audience is the secret sauce for generating multiple consecutive viral posts. People can’t resist testing their knowledge to see if they know more about a movie/TV series than their friends or if they’re up-to-date with celebrity news. Viral quiz creation is precisely the method used by websites like BuzzFeed to generate posts that garner millions of pageviews and social shares.

We understand that creating quizzes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you lack coding expertise. That’s where we come in. WP Quiz Pro premium plugin makes quiz creation easy and straightforward. It offers five unique quiz types, ensuring you have plenty of options to create distinctive quiz styles. Generate free traffic and boost brand awareness effortlessly with WP Quiz Pro – the plugin you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Here are the various features and options that WP Quiz Pro offers:

Quiz Types:

  • Trivia Quiz
  • Personality Quiz
  • Swiper Quiz
  • Flip Card Quiz
  • Facebook Quiz

Quiz Elements:

  • Add Questions
  • Add Results
  • Customize Quiz Possibilities

Quiz Styles:

  • Facebook Quiz
  • Single-page Personality Quiz
  • Multi-page Personality Quiz
  • Personality Quiz with Subscription Box
  • Personality Quiz with FB Share for Results
  • Single-page Trivia Quiz
  • Multi-page Trivia Quiz
  • Trivia Quiz with Subscription Box
  • Trivia Quiz with FB Share for Results
  • Trivia Quiz with Timer
  • Flip Card Quiz
  • Swiper Quiz

Styling Options:

  • Change Question Color
  • Choose from 2 Unique Skins
  • Modify Question Font
  • Adjust Question Background Color

Settings for Single Quizzes:

  • Randomize Questions
  • Randomized Answers
  • Restart Questions
  • Enable Plugin Mention
  • Toggle Embed Code Display
  • Show or Hide Share Buttons
  • Enable Countdown Timer
  • Enable Auto Scroll to Next Question
  • Display Correct/Incorrect Answers After the Quiz
  • Force Action Before Viewing Results
  • Show or Hide Ads within Quizzes

General Plugin Settings:

  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Use MailChimp and GetResponse to Collect Email IDs
  • Enable Question Randomization for All Quizzes
  • Randomized Answers for All Quizzes
  • Restart Questions for All Quizzes
  • Promote the Plugin Across All Quizzes
  • Option to Use MyThemeShop User ID for Earning Commissions
  • Toggle Embed Code Display
  • Show or Hide Share Buttons Site-wide
  • Enable or Disable OpenGraph
  • Enter Facebook ID
  • Show or Hide Ads on All Quizzes
  • Display Ads after Every Nth Question
  • Enable Repeat Ads
  • Countdown Timer Option
  • Auto Scroll Option
  • Force Action Requirement Before Displaying Results

With WP Quiz Pro, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your blog and captivate your audience with interactive quizzes that drive engagement and boost your online presence. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your content with WP Quiz Pro!

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