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Thrive Comments

Unleash the Full Potential of Comments on Your WordPress Website

Thrive Comments revolutionizes the world of WordPress comments, transforming them into a powerful tool to engage your audience effectively. We’ve harnessed the most addictive elements of social media and community boards and seamlessly integrated them into your WordPress comments, creating an irresistible experience for your audience.

Cultivate an Active and Engaged Community by Providing:

  1. Empower your visitors by allowing them to receive “likes” on their comments.
  2. Recognize their contributions with achievement badges.
  3. Validate their input through up-votes and featured comments.
  4. Give them the opportunity to share their thoughts on social media.
  5. Naturally foster valuable comments and community participation.

Turning Comments into Conversions

It’s a significant milestone when someone invests the time and effort to leave a comment on your website. Yet, all too often, website owners miss out on the potential of these engaged visitors. While we devote considerable effort to driving traffic and encouraging clicks, subscriptions, and sign-ups, we often overlook the value of a visitor leaving a comment. When all you do is inform them that their comment is “pending approval,” you’re leaving a wealth of opportunity untapped.

So, what can you do instead?

Imagine redirecting first-time commenters to a ‘welcome to the community’ page or displaying a share button for returning commenters to easily post their thoughts (and your post) on Facebook. With Thrive Comments, you can implement post-comment actions, from redirecting commenters to URLs to displaying related posts, promoting social sharing, and seamlessly integrating with Thrive Leads to create lightbox opt-ins.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Amplify Your Comments

Why do your visitors leave comments? To be seen, heard, and acknowledged. So why not offer them a way to directly benefit your business while achieving these goals? We’ve introduced the magic of social media to your WordPress comments, unlocking increased traffic, reach, and shares for your website.

Make commenting a breeze for your audience by allowing them to leave comments through their social accounts, eliminating the need for registration. Combine this with an instant share option to social media and the ability to share individual comments, and you’ve got a recipe for social media success.

Let Your Audience Guide You

Here’s a secret: Thrive Themes’ success stems from tapping into the valuable insights of our audience. Two key elements allow you to tap into this resource: encouraging your audience to leave comments (checkmark – see Engagement Boost above) and collecting and organizing these insights in a structured, actionable manner. Thrive Comments provides a suite of reporting tools that help you understand your audience better. This includes word clouds highlighting frequently used phrases for content ideas, visitor voting and quotes for feedback assessment, and stats on your most active commenters – your true fans.

Up-votes and down-votes give you insight into majority opinions, making it easy for less active visitors to express their views.

More Comments, Less Effort!

Whether your blog involves a team of content contributors or you’re looking for a streamlined way to manage feedback on your own, Thrive Comments simplifies the workflow. Our Comment Moderation Dashboard offers numerous comment management options, including comments on your posts, those needing replies, and those on a specific page or post. The entire interface is designed for swift sorting, with keyboard shortcuts for every action.

With Thrive Comments, you can assign a comment to a specific team member, ensuring the most relevant person responds. Replies are nested under the original comment for organized discussions. You can monitor comments awaiting moderation right from the front end of your posts, and custom notifications keep you informed when a comment requires your attention. Automatically link keywords, and Thrive Comments will generate the appropriate hyperlink for you.

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