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Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a powerful plugin designed to deliver unique benefits to its users: engaging and captivating quizzes for visitors, reduced bounce rates, increased lead generation, and valuable insights into visitor interests.

Unlock the potential of Thrive Quiz Builder to grow your email list, boost social shares, and gain actionable insights to supercharge your business.

Create Stunning Quizzes in Seconds

Imagine effortlessly creating quizzes that draw your audience in, compelling them to answer every question and share their results enthusiastically with friends. Gone are the days when visitors merely skim your homepage and quickly bounce away within seconds of arrival.

With captivating content from Thrive Quiz Builder, you’ll notice a significant uptick in website traffic driven by Facebook. Moreover, you’ll witness a remarkable reduction in bounce rates and an increase in visitor engagement.

The Challenge: You’re a solo operator with no time to master design and development skills needed to craft a quiz that meets your high-quality standards.

The Solution: Thrive Quiz Builder transforms what could be a daunting and design-intensive task into an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, ready for you to deploy.

Build Complex Quizzes With Zero Coding

Thrive Quiz Builder empowers you not only to create highly intricate quizzes with branching logic but also to visualize how your quiz looks and flows using our intuitive builder.

Easily structure your questions, answers, and their flow to match your exact specifications.

Construct branching quizzes that adapt based on previous answers.

Choose between text or image-based questions.

Our setup wizard will guide you through each step, ensuring you don’t miss a thing, and a troubleshooter will promptly flag any issues for quick resolution.

Give Your Visitors Something Worth Sharing

To encourage sharing, you need to provide your audience with share-worthy content that exudes professionalism and style. Thrive Quiz Builder’s built-in badge creator accomplishes precisely that.

Craft badges that people will be eager to share.

Forget about messing with margins, padding, or CSS; move elements freely.

Upload, resize, add text with formatting, and adjust background color and opacity effortlessly.

Built-in social media sizing ensures your badges are optimized for platforms like Facebook, sparing you the need to use Photoshop for resizing.

Under the Surface: Guide, Segment, and Optimize

Think of the experience when you enter a store, and an employee approaches you, asking if they can help you find what you’re looking for. They guide you, ask and answer questions, and assist you in figuring out your needs—a simple yet effective approach to gathering insights and making a sale.

Online, collecting insights isn’t so straightforward. You might be familiar with these challenges:

  • Creating compelling opt-in offers to build your list.
  • Scouring forums and niche blogs for insights.
  • Installing Google Analytics and interpreting the data.

Thrive Quiz Builder streamlines this process by using a quiz to help visitors determine their needs in a fun and engaging way. Based on their answers, you can provide personalized recommendations, just like an attentive store employee.

Here’s how Thrive Quiz Builder does it:

So Many Insights It’s Like Having a One-On-One Conversation with Every Visitor

As visitors progress through your quiz, Thrive Quiz Builder collects comprehensive data and compiles it into detailed reports. This turns the process into a more engaging and enjoyable version of a survey.

Imagine how much easier it becomes to generate ideas for new blog posts and products when you have access to these valuable insights.

First: Discover What Your Visitors Are Interested In

For instance, if you run a travel website, your quiz questions can unveil the types of activities your readers enjoy. This insight can guide you to create more relevant blog posts.

Second: Offer Them Content Based on Their Interests

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can take action based on your visitor’s quiz answers by displaying tailored content on the results page. This content can range from personalized reading recommendations to product suggestions, highly targeted to each visitor’s interests.

Third: Segment Your Visitors Based on Their Interests

Don’t treat everyone on your mailing list the same way. Thrive Quiz Builder enables you to segment your subscribers into different lists or segments based on their quiz results. This allows you to send highly focused, relevant messages to your readers.

Imagine how much more effective it is to monetize your mailing list when you have precise segments based on your subscriber’s interests.

Fourth: A/B Test at Critical Stages to Increase Quiz Conversions

Thrive Quiz Builder is designed for optimizing conversions. You can A/B test various elements of your quiz, such as the splash page, opt-in forms, and result page, to achieve the best possible results.

The plugin’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and manage A/B tests, ensuring you continually improve your quiz’s performance.

Take A Look at Everything Thrive Quiz Builder Has to Offer

  • Three quiz types: Number, Percentage, and Personality.
  • Powerful analytics with insights on various aspects of quiz interaction.
  • Three quiz templates for different use cases.
  • A badge editor for creating customizable and engaging badges.
  • An easy quiz builder with visual navigation and complex logic support.
  • Question weighting to customize scoring based on answers.
  • Dynamic results, allowing you to create result pages for each quiz variation.
  • Opt-In gates to decide whether users must submit their details before seeing quiz results.
  • A/B testing for various critical stages of your quiz.
  • Two question types: Image and Text, with the flexibility to mix and match.

Set Up Wizard to guide you through the configuration process.

Mobile-friendly quizzes that look and perform beautifully on any device.

Quiz dashboard for easy management and tracking of all your quizzes.

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