UserPro – Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

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  • Product Version : 5.1.1
  • Product Last Updated : 01.08.2023
  • License : GPL




  1. User Profiles: UserPro allows you to create customizable user profiles with fields for personal information, avatars, social media links, and more.
  2. Front-End Registration: Users can register and update their profiles directly from the front-end of your website, making the registration process seamless and user-friendly.
  3. Social Connect: Users can register and log in using their social media accounts, simplifying the registration process and increasing user engagement.
  4. User Directory: UserPro provides a user directory that can display all user profiles in a searchable and filterable list, making it easy for users to discover and connect with others on your site.
  5. Content Restriction: You can restrict content on your website based on user roles, allowing you to create exclusive content for different user groups.
  6. Customizable Fields: UserPro offers a range of customizable field types, allowing you to collect specific information from users during registration.
  7. User Badges: You can assign badges to users based on specific criteria, such as the number of posts, comments, or achievements, to gamify user engagement.
  8. User Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate and review each other, products, or content on your site, fostering a sense of community and trust.
  9. Social Activity Stream: A real-time activity stream keeps users updated on the latest activities and interactions within the community.
  10. Follow and Followed: Users can follow other users, allowing them to stay connected and receive updates about each other’s activities.
  11. Notifications: UserPro can send email notifications for various actions, such as when someone follows you or comments on your post.
  12. Content Moderation: Admins have control over user-generated content and can moderate comments, posts, and user profiles.
  13. WooCommerce Integration: If you have an online store, UserPro seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing users to manage their orders and profiles in one place.
  14. User Analytics: Gain insights into user behavior and engagement with built-in analytics and reporting tools.
  15. Multilingual Support: UserPro is often compatible with multilingual plugins, making it suitable for websites with a global audience.
  16. Custom CSS: Advanced users can further customize the plugin’s appearance and behavior through custom CSS.
  17. Developer-Friendly: UserPro is developer-friendly and allows for extensive customization through hooks and filters.
  18. Responsive Design: The plugin typically provides a responsive design, ensuring that user profiles and community features work well on all devices.
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