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WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin: Enhancing Your Online Store

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher is an essential WordPress plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce-powered online stores, offering the convenience of switching between different currencies for product prices. This plugin is a valuable addition for any WooCommerce-based e-commerce website, providing a straightforward way to cater to a global customer base with diverse currency preferences.


The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin offers flexible functionality that can be easily integrated into various areas of your website. It can be added as a widget in widgetized sections, and it also supports short code implementation using [woocs]. Graphically, the currency switcher can be displayed in three distinct formats: drop down menu, flag icons, and a sidebar switcher. The [woocs] shortcode can be placed anywhere on your site, including menus.

Key Features:

Currency Aggregators: The plugin provides access to 7 major currency rate aggregators, allowing for real-time currency rate updates.
Email Notifications: Optionally, users can receive email notifications for currency rate changes.
Customization: The plugin supports custom currency signs and formats, giving you control over how prices are displayed.
Currency Auto Update: You can choose to have currency rates automatically updated at different intervals: hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Multi-Currency Support: Customers can view and make purchases in their preferred currency, thanks to the “Is multiple allowed” option.
Cache Compatibility: The plugin seamlessly integrates with caching plugins on your site for optimized performance.
Additional Widgets and Shortcodes: The plugin offers two additional AJAX-powered widgets and shortcodes: currencies quotes ([woocs_rates]) and currencies converter ([woocs_converter]).
Price Customization:

Price Formats: Choose from different price formats that suit your needs, including the number of decimals, currency sign, custom sign, and sign position.
Decimal Counts: Set individual decimal counts for each currency, ensuring accurate representation, even for cryptocurrencies like BTC.
Cents Display: Choose whether to show or hide cents for each currency.
Custom Currency Signs: You can introduce your own currency signs or symbols.
Custom Currency Usage: Use any currency, even custom ones not existing in reality.
Individual Price Rules: Set fixed price rules for each product and even define minimum amounts for free shipping and regular shipping, as well as coupons, for each currency.

Advanced Features:

Welcome Currency: Display prices in the visitor’s preferred currency upon their first visit.
Approximate Amount: Display an approximate price in the user’s currency during checkout and on the cart page using IP-based geolocation.

GEO IP Checkout: Force users to pay in their currency based on predefined GEO IP rules.
Individual Fixed Coupon Total: Set fixed coupon totals for each currency.
Individual Fixed Shipping Total: Set fixed shipping totals for each currency and for various shipping methods.
Individual GEO IP Rules for Products: Assign different prices in the basic currency for products based on different countries.

Geo Location Features

Individual Geo IP Rules for Products: Assign different prices for products based on specific countries.
GeoLocation by IP: Use WooCommerce’s regional PHP class WC_Geolocation to determine the visitor’s local currency.
GeoLocation Pricing: Set different prices for different countries.
GeoLocation Checkout: Automatically select the user’s currency based on their country during checkout.

Additional Features:

Manual Order Entry: Manually enter orders in any currency.
Admin Dashboard Control: Easily manage currencies through the admin dashboard.
PayPal Integration: Native WooCommerce PayPal gateway compatibility.
Currency Symbol Display: Show the total price in the user’s currency during checkout.
Multiple Display Options: Choose from various types of drop-downs to display the currency switcher.
The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin offers seamless currency switching capabilities for WooCommerce-based online stores, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient shopping experience for customers from around the world. With its diverse features and flexibility, this plugin empowers you to cater to a global audience while maintaining accurate pricing and an optimal user interface.

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