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Detailed Customer List (Downloadable in CSV Format): You can easily access personal data such as addresses, emails, registration times, total amounts spent, and order counts for all registered customers in your store. You can edit, delete, or add new customers as needed. Additionally, you can identify a customer’s last activity using the “last order date” column. The customer list can be filtered by time range and exported in CSV format.

Customer Details, Orders, and Products Stats: On the Customer Detail Page, you can quickly retrieve customer personal data (billing and shipping addresses, name, surname, phone) and view all orders and associated products within a specified time range. Visual charts provide insights into the most purchased products, amounts spent over different time periods, and spending per order, which can be customized by the user.

Guest Customers and Conversion to Registered: The WCCM plugin allows you to access data for guest customers. For each guest customer, you can view personal data from their last order, a detailed order list, purchased items, and other statistics, just like any other registered customer. Shop administrators can convert guest users to registered users through various methods, including the order page, guest customers list, or automatic conversion after checkout. You can also send notification emails to newly registered users during conversion.

Blacklist Customers: You have the ability to prevent specific users from making purchases by assigning them the “Blocked Customer” user role added by the plugin. This action will restrict their access to buying products from your store. You can assign this role through customer profiles or a special role assigner tool on the customer list page.

Order Assigner Tool: The plugin allows you to reassign orders easily. When creating a new customer or through the customer details page, you can select which orders should be assigned to that customer. Optionally, you can choose to overwrite billing and shipping order data with customer data, but only default WooCommerce billing and shipping data will be affected.

Add, Delete, or Edit Any Customer Meta: You can view, edit, or delete any customer metadata through the “View / Edit meta data” button on the customer details page. Note that the plugin will not export user meta data.

Custom Notes, Emails, and Bulk Emails: For every customer, you can add custom notes or send emails directly from the Customer Details Page. Shop administrators can also send bulk emails by selecting customers from the customer list. The email editor includes an inbuilt TinyMCE editor.

Who Bought and Customer Details Features: You can discover which registered and guest customers bought specific products in your WooCommerce products list. This feature also supports product variations. For each order on the orders list page, the plugin adds a link to the customer details page for easy access.

Discover Registered Customers by Orders Stats: With the “Discover” feature, shop administrators can use powerful filters to find registered and guest customers based on order statistics. For example, you can identify customers who purchased specific products, product variants, or products in a particular category, as well as those who spent minimum or maximum amounts on orders.

Custom Roles Compatibility: While the default behavior lists users with “customer” or “subscriber” roles, you can choose to list users with custom roles as well. This setting can be configured in the Options page under the “Roles” section.

Bulk Assign User Roles Directly on Customers List Page: The plugin allows you to assign user roles directly on the customer list page. Simply select the roles you want to assign, check the users, and click the assign button.

Bulk User Role Switcher: You can bulk switch all users from one role to another, which is useful for converting an existing WordPress user database (with the subscriber role) to a WooCommerce customer role.

Compatibility with WPML and Other WooCommerce Extensions: The plugin is compatible with WPML for proper computation of customer purchase statistics, even with translated products. It also works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Tickets for WooCommerce/WooCommerce Tickets special product types.

Import Customers List: You can easily import customer lists from a .csv file, even if the file is large (more than 5000 rows). You can also send notification emails with customer login information when necessary.

Improved Performance: The plugin is optimized for exporting, importing, and managing customer lists with more than 5000 users. However, keep in mind that complex computations performed by the plugin require adequate server hardware and resources for larger datasets.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Shipping Tracking and WordPress User Extra Fields Plugins: WCCM is compatible with WooCommerce Shipping Tracking and WordPress User Extra Fields plugins, allowing you to access order shipping information and edit customer extra fields. You can also include user extra fields in the .csv export file and display them in the customer table.

Compatibility with WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Plugins: You can display, edit, and delete additional customer addresses added using the WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses plugin.

Compatibility with WooCommerce EU VAT Field: For managing VAT fields, the plugin fully supports WooCommerce Eu Vat Field. This allows you to view and edit VAT numbers for users and export this information.

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