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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts: A Comprehensive Pricing and Promotions Tool

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts presents itself as an all-encompassing solution for pricing and promotional needs for online retailers. Its true strength lies in its remarkable adaptability, seamlessly combining a plethora of pricing methods and conditions to perfectly align with any conceivable pricing strategy.

Experience the Power of Versatility

This actively maintained extension is poised to replace a multitude of tools, serving as your go-to resource for regular sales, promotions, exclusive offers, bulk pricing, tiered pricing, bundled pricing, daily deals, flash sales, wholesale pricing, member-exclusive pricing, personalized pricing, loyalty programs, behavior-based pricing, location-based pricing, and beyond. Additionally, you can conditionally adjust prices or implement supplementary fees as per your requirements.

Elevate Your Sales Strategy

Amplify your sales efforts by establishing enticing discounts for customers making larger purchases. Execute captivating promotions for festive occasions such as Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday. Set up time-sensitive clearance or flash sales to create a sense of urgency. For example, a 15% discount on all laptops until midnight or a free case with each cell phone purchase. With this extension, crafting compelling promotions has never been easier, allowing you to implement powerful strategies in a matter of minutes.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Forge long-term pricing strategies to nurture lasting customer engagement. Incentivize customers who achieve specific lifetime milestones, whether it’s total expenditure or completed orders. Seamlessly accommodate both retail and wholesale sales within the same store. Establish exclusive clubs and grant insider discounts. Tailor discounts for individual clients based on personalized agreements.

Unveiling the Versatility of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing functionality empowers you to dynamically adjust product prices based on a predefined set of rules, all from a single user interface. Whether you’re targeting specific product variations, the entire store, or anything in between, the plugin’s myriad conditions and priority options ensure that only the most pertinent rules are applied at any given time.

✔ Streamlined Price Adjustments Decrease, increase, or fix prices regardless of quantity

✔ Bulk Pricing Optimization Offer descending price discounts as quantity increases, automatically applying the highest achievable discount to all units

✔ Graduated Pricing Structure Implement tiered pricing, with discounts progressively increasing as quantity rises

✔ Product Groups Discounting Apply discounts when purchasing specified quantities of certain products ✔ Buy X Get Y Deals Reward customers with a discount on quantity Y when they purchase quantity X at the full price

✔ Exclusion of Matched Items Exclude matching products from being affected by other pricing rules

Revolutionizing WooCommerce Cart Discounts

Cart Discounts operate similarly to standard WooCommerce coupons, with the key distinction that these discounts are applied automatically. This means eligible customers witness their savings instantly, bypassing the need for manual coupon application, thus potentially enhancing conversion rates. Configure cart discounts based on various criteria such as cart subtotal, cart items, customer details, shipping address, prior purchases, and more – possibilities that are beyond the scope of traditional coupon usage.

Introducing WooCommerce Checkout Fees

Checkout Fees offer a mechanism to impose additional charges on customers based on specific order details. This feature serves to cover expenses incurred during the processing of particular orders. For instance, you might apply fees for international order processing or handling perishable products. This facet completes the extension, allowing you to replace multiple tools with a unified solution for all aspects related to customer payments.

Navigating Complex Discounting Scenarios

Amidst the plethora of possibilities, you may wonder: How do you set a discount valid throughout the year for all albums, excluding Album #1 and Album #4? Furthermore, how do you restrict this discount to non-wholesale customers who have purchased at least one single in the past three months? The potential applications are virtually boundless.

Unlock a World of Pricing Scenarios

While your creativity knows no bounds, here are a few illustrative scenarios that showcase the capabilities of this plugin, serving as inspiration for your pricing endeavors

Extensive Conditional Logic

Target Products
› Product
› Product variation
› Product category
› Product attributes
› Product tags
› Product meta field
Cart Properties
› Cart subtotal
› Cart total weight
› Coupons applied
› Cart item count
› Sum of item quantities
› Products in cart
› Product variations in cart
› Product categories in cart
› Product attributes in cart
› Product tags in cart
Customer Properties
› Is logged in
› Customer role
› Customer capability
› Specific customer
› Customer meta field
Customer Value
› Amount spent
› Order count
› Last order amount
› Last order date
Purchase History
› Products purchased
› Product variations purchased
› Product categories purchased
› Product attributes purchased
› Product tags purchased
Shipping Address
› Shipping country
› Shipping state
› Shipping postcode
› Shipping zone
Date & Time
› Date
› Time
› Days of week
The best part?

You can combine them

in any way you like!




Experience the Infinite Possibilities

As you can envision, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts opens the door to an astonishing array of pricing, discounting, and fee scenarios. It stands as an indispensable tool, enabling you to seamlessly craft pricing strategies that align perfectly with your business goals.


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