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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro streamlines the integration of your WooCommerce store with your Google Analytics account, providing you with comprehensive insights into your store’s visitors and eCommerce activities. These insights can help you optimize your revenue strategies and boost your bottom line.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro offers advanced event tracking for your WooCommerce store and seamlessly transfers these events to Google Analytics. This allows you to effortlessly access crucial metrics, such as average order value, conversion rate, sales by product or category, and other valuable data.

Detailed Tracking Made Simple

Setting up WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is a breeze. After installation, you can customize event names (if you prefer not to use the defaults), ensure enhanced eCommerce tracking is enabled in your Google Analytics account, and you’re good to go. The plugin takes care of tracking and sending all relevant events to Google Analytics, making it easy for you to access your sales data and essential store metrics.

Plugin Features at a Glance

Connect your WooCommerce store to your Google Analytics account in just three clicks.

Why Choose Google Analytics Pro?

Google Analytics Pro offers essential website tracking and analytics, including metrics like pageviews and user sessions.

It includes all the core features of the free version, such as Universal Analytics and enhanced eCommerce tracking, but with added advanced event tracking capabilities.

You can exclude store managers from tracking while allowing site admins access.

User IDs can be tracked for more accurate user counts.

Basic eCommerce events like “add to cart” and “checkout started” are tracked.

Advanced eCommerce event tracking is included for actions such as “coupon collection/removal” and “cart amount changed.”

You can track manually added orders.

Additional events are provided for customer actions, such as sign-ins, sign-outs, and product reviews/comments.

Order refund and cancellation tracking is available.

Track customer email opens as events in the “Emails” category.

Full support is provided for Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior analysis reports, with new features.

Checkout options are added to gain deeper insights into customer payment choices.

Comprehensive Event Tracking

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro’s advanced event tracking goes beyond the basics, allowing you to monitor events like “viewed account” and “coupon applied.” This helps you understand the complete customer journey on your site. You can also track events within your purchasing workflow, such as viewing order details and monitoring conversion rates with coupon usage.

Enhanced eCommerce Reporting

The plugin fully supports generating Shopping and Checkout Behavior analyses, giving you a clear view of the customer lifecycle from browsing to purchasing. Dive into checkout details to gain insights into where customers abandon their shopping carts during the buying process.

Customize and Tailor

All event names are customizable through the plugin settings and can be individually disabled. User IDs can be tracked for more accurate user counts, and custom events can be tracked by adding a snippet to your theme.

Optimize your WooCommerce store’s performance and gain invaluable insights with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro.

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