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This plugin is exclusively available for purchase on the Envato marketplace.


  • Tested with WooCommerce 7.8.2 and previous versions.
  • Tested with WordPress 6.2.2 and previous versions.

WooCommerce License Manager The WooCommerce License Manager is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the sale of license keys, pin codes, gift cards, or the licensing of your digital products using predefined or automatically generated license keys.

Overview: This plugin serves as a WooCommerce License Delivery solution for stores that sell products requiring license keys, such as software, games, gift cards, or any other items necessitating the delivery of license keys post-purchase.

Adding License Keys: License keys can be added manually one by one or imported from a text or CSV file and assigned to specific products.

These license keys support additional details that can be left empty if not required, including an expiration date or validity (the number of days the license key remains valid).

The License Key text field supports multi-line text and HTML code, allowing you to present the license key as a clickable link in emails, for example.

Importing License Keys: You can import license keys from .txt or .csv files and easily assign them to specific products using a straightforward form.

License Key Delivery: After purchase, customers receive an email containing their purchased products and the associated license keys.

Purchased license keys are also accessible in the user account page under order history for customers and in the WooCommerce order page for administrators.

License Key Management: To help you keep track of your license keys, the plugin provides a detailed interface displaying all your license keys and their statuses after purchase. Additional information such as buyer names and email addresses is linked to these license keys.

Image License Keys: You have the option to add images as license keys. For instance, if you want to deliver your license keys as QR codes or for any other purpose requiring image delivery, you can easily include the image as a license key, which will be delivered like a regular license key.

Resending License Keys: You can manually resend license key emails from the WooCommerce order page when necessary.

Reassigning License Keys: After a purchase, you can replace or delete license keys assigned to orders.

WooCommerce Product Variation Support: Different sets of license keys can be assigned to each product variation.

Notifications: To help you stay informed about license key sales, the plugin offers a notification center that alerts administrators to add more license keys for products that are about to sell out. You can configure the minimum number of available license keys to trigger notifications on the plugin settings page.

There are two types of notifications: alerts in the admin dashboard and emails sent to the admin.

Email Templates: You can customize the license keys email using multiple shortcodes, including a buyer’s first and last name, email address, site URL, and more.

Encryption: License keys are encrypted using two secret keys that you can configure on the plugin settings page before they are stored in the database, providing security in case of website issues.

Import/Export: You can export license keys based on their status and product, or export all license keys to a CSV file. For example, you can export all sold or available license keys for a product.

Exporting License Key Generator Settings: If you operate multiple websites, you can export and import plugin settings to avoid configuring the plugin individually for each site.

Edit/Delete: You have the ability to edit license keys within the admin dashboard.

Bulk Delete/Change: You can delete or change the status of multiple license keys simultaneously.

Third-Party Plugins Support: The License Manager offers full support for third-party plugins, including:

  • WooCommerce Product Bundles: You can license products within a bundle individually or license the entire bundle.
  • WooCommerce Custom Order Status: The plugin supports all order statuses, including custom ones added by third-party plugins.

License Key Generator: Enabling the license key generator for a product streamlines the process of generating license keys for customers after purchase. The generated license key is automatically added to the license keys list.

The generator can be configured to include a prefix and a suffix to the generated license keys, as well as specify the length and the number of chunks in the generated license keys.

As an example, here’s a license key generated with the following settings:

  • Prefix: DEV-
  • Suffix: -USR
  • Chunk Length: 4
  • Number of Chunks: 5 Resulting License Key: DEV-154F-57AC-98BC-A5F7-55AA-USR

Tracking API: Implement the API in your digital products to ensure that users are using licensed copies of your software.

By making a simple POST request, you can activate/deactivate a license key, check its status (valid, invalid, or expired), or retrieve license key details.

A detailed example of API usage is provided in the documentation. Implementing the API requires programming skills.

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