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Elevate your WooCommerce store’s analytical capabilities with Mixpanel integration. Adding Mixpanel tracking to your WooCommerce shop is just a click away, enabling you to access actionable insights from day one. Effortlessly segment your data for in-depth analysis, monitor your checkout performance with revenue funnel reports, and observe real-time visitor interactions with your store.

Seamless Query Building

Tailored for Mixpanel

Our extension is meticulously designed to seamlessly work with Mixpanel, the industry’s foremost web and mobile analytics tool that provides invaluable metrics for your business. If you don’t already have a Mixpanel account, sign up for a free one today, with limited data points per month at no cost.

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Revenue and Customers

Track your revenue trends over time and effortlessly segment your data by product, category, and more. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your store’s performance by examining the average number of customers over time, coupled with the average revenue per customer.

Visualize Your Sales Funnel

Get a clear view of the conversion rates at each stage of your checkout funnel and make informed decisions to optimize your checkout process. You can also segment sales data by category or product for a deeper understanding.

Enhance Your Sales Funnels for Increased Revenue

Create custom visualizations effortlessly and tailor your data to your specific needs. Our intuitive tools simplify the process of constructing intricate funnels. Once you’ve crafted your visualization, utilize the powerful analysis tools to conduct in-depth data analysis.

Real-Time Analytics

Planning a flash sale or a time-limited marketing campaign and need to monitor how your customers are engaging with your site in real-time? Take advantage of the built-in Stream view to track on-site activities as they happen.

Robust Customization

All event and action names can be customized through the admin interface and can be individually enabled or disabled. Customers are automatically identified by their WordPress username and email address when logged in. You can track custom events by adding a code snippet to your theme.

Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions

If you’re selling subscriptions on your store, you’re in luck! Gain insights into your subscribers’ activities by automatically tracking when subscriptions are activated, suspended, canceled, renewed, and when free trials expire. Mixpanel provides valuable subscription metrics, including average subscription duration and churn rate, without requiring any additional setup.

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