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Your clients will adore your store for its effortless product discovery, thanks to our state-of-the-art WooCommerce Product Search engine. It’s designed to help your customers quickly find and purchase the perfect items.

Live Search for Instant Gratification

Our Live Search Field empowers customers to uncover products as they type, complete with images and key product information. They can seamlessly add items to their cart with a simple click.

Live Filters for Precision Shopping

Our live filters dynamically update results on the shop page as your customers search by keywords, price range, product categories, tags, or any product attributes, making shopping a breeze.

Seamless Shopping Experience

With our user-friendly setup that seamlessly integrates with popular themes like Storefront and child-themes, your customers will enjoy a delightful shopping experience, effortlessly finding the right products in your store.

In-Depth Search Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ search behavior within your store, both in real-time and historically. Use this data to refine your marketing strategies.

Business Insights at Your Fingertips

Discover where your customers are searching and where they aren’t. Our reports help you identify in-demand products and optimize your store accordingly.

Effortless Integration

Our Search Engine seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store and WordPress dashboard, providing advanced search capabilities both front-end and back-end.

Automatic Search Indexing

The Search Indexer automatically indexes all your store’s products and keeps them up to date. You won’t need to lift a finger when adding, modifying, or deleting products and related attributes.

Visually Engaging Filters

Enhance the search experience with visually appealing filters, complete with thumbnails for product categories, tags, and attributes. Filter by color, size, brand, and more, all with intuitive icons and logos.

Enhanced Search Relevance

Our Search Weights system prioritizes search results based on keyword matches, ensuring highly relevant results for your customers.

Robust Back-End Tools

From essential business insights to optimized product search results, our tool provides complete control for your WooCommerce store, all accessible from your WordPress dashboard.

Your Trusted Shopping Assistant

Our built-in Assistant helps you effortlessly add live product filter widgets to your sidebars. It identifies existing filters and suggests additions for customization.

Widgets for Customer Convenience

Customers will love the Live Product Search Field, which displays results as they type and allows them to add items directly to the cart. It can replace the standard product search field or be used as a sidebar widget.

Flexible Live Filters

Live filters adapt to customer input, suggesting values and updating your shop page dynamically, creating a smooth shopping experience.

Shortcodes for Customization

All live search features are available as WordPress shortcodes, and you can even display search results on any page, enabling you to create specialized shop pages.

Stylish and User-Friendly

Our extension integrates seamlessly with many popular themes, requiring minimal CSS adjustments in most cases. We’ve also provided a CSS customization area for your convenience.

API Access

For developers, we offer an easy-to-use API that grants access to all search and filtering features, allowing for seamless integration into your templates.

Experience the Power of Live Search

With WooCommerce Product Search, your customers can effortlessly discover and purchase products in an instant. Find, Click & Buy—it’s that simple.

Elevate Your Shopping Experience

Live Product Filters are perfect for stores with extensive product catalogs and numerous attributes. They ensure customers find what they’re looking for quickly.

Enhanced Shopping with Live Filters

Live category filters can be expanded to reveal subcategories, simplifying navigation. On touch-enabled devices, tapping an expander reveals child categories.

Intuitive Thumbnails with Live Filters

Add intuitive thumbnails to your live filters for product categories, tags, and attributes, showcasing the true colors, icons, and logos.

Discover Customer Desires

WooCommerce Product Search empowers you with valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and helps you adapt to current trends.

Unlock Customer Insights

Discover precisely what your customers are searching for and tailor your store’s offerings accordingly. WooCommerce Product Search provides invaluable insights.

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