WPMU DEV Defender Pro

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  • Product Version : 4.0.2
  • Product Last Updated : 25.08.2023
  • License : GPL



Ensure the continuous online safety of your website against the threat of hackers! Defender’s robust WordPress security features, along with its cloaking technology, provide unparalleled protection against brute force attacks and malicious bots.

Defender’s comprehensive security suite comprises regular safety scans, vulnerability assessments, log records, two-factor authentication, security counsel, blacklist oversight, IP banning mechanism, straightforward security enhancements, and even concealment of core, plugin, or theme data. These formidable defenses are more than a match for even the most cunning of adversaries.

Effortlessly schedule security scans and vulnerability assessments, access security suggestions, and implement one-click security measures. Benefit from:

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Monitoring and alerts for Google blacklist
  • Manual or automated IP exclusion system
  • Detection and restoration of altered files
  • Thorough vulnerability scans for plugins, themes, and internals
  • Comprehensive logs and reports

While scans and reports are crucial, the question remains: who do you turn to when the battle against hackers intensifies? Look no further than Defender. It not only provides recommendations but also furnishes actionable steps, ensuring your site remains fortified.

Thwart Intruders with Defender: Brute Force Protection Safeguard your login attempts by limiting efforts from potential attackers trying to guess your password.

File Alteration Detection Conduct scans on plugins, themes, and core WordPress files to detect any unauthorized code changes.

404 Error Lockout Employ 404 detection to halt bots engaged in vulnerability scanning.

Audit Trail Maintain detailed logs tracking user actions, from file modifications to alterations in settings.

Email Alerts Stay informed with personalized reports and automated email notifications.

IP Blocking Initiate temporary or permanent bans on website access, whether manually or automatically triggered.

Security Key Rotation Add an extra layer of security by periodically updating security keys.

Automated Scans Keep a vigilant watch over your website through scheduled automatic scans and reporting.

Blacklist Monitoring Detect potential threats by checking for flagged websites within your immune web application.

Two-Factor Authentication Implement a two-step verification process involving a password and mobile phone, enhancing security.

“Remember Me” Duration Define the duration of user sessions by deciding how long the “Remember Me” option will keep them logged in.

IP Whitelisting Make exceptions to ban rules, ensuring administrators retain access.

Security Enhancements Implement powerful security measures through suggested actions and simplified hardening processes.

Hub Security Manager Effectively oversee security matters, updates, and backups for all your sites via the Hub.

Snapshot Backups Benefit from 10GB of storage and automated Snapshot backups as part of Defender’s offerings.

Experience tranquility through heightened site security: Evaluate website security status Choose specific scan categories Resolve issues with a single click Exclude files based on size Manual or automated IP lockdown Easily filterable IP logs Designate file recipients Automated comprehensive backups Full-site backup capability Continuous Google blacklist monitoring Scan scheduling convenience Efficient file repair/restoration Actionable security tweak suggestions Regular email updates Cloud-based backup solutions Holistic site monitoring with detailed logs Scan for core file alterations Opt for Two-Factor Authentication Customize two-factor email communication Conduct vulnerability assessments

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