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  • Product Version : 1.15.0
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Expanding your revenue by offering exclusive access to products is a lucrative opportunity, as demonstrated by well-established platforms like Udemy and Treehouse. These platforms have achieved significant income by capitalizing on this business model, which thrives as more people seek their products.

With YITH WooCommerce Membership, you can effortlessly provide your customers with restricted or exclusive access to tailored content such as courses, lesson plans, e-books, premium services, and more. This plugin offers a simple and powerful solution for managing your memberships.

Imagine managing a diverse group of students enrolled in your courses, where each lesson is precisely displayed according to your plan, free from errors. Picture effortlessly delivering resources and products to your customers while handling payments and content releases independently. YITH WooCommerce Membership empowers you to achieve all of this and more.

You can manage courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, communicate with your customers, and schedule content releases with ease using this plugin. It is designed to streamline the management of exclusive products for those who purchase them.

Setting up memberships is straightforward and hassle-free. You only need to create the products in your store, and the software takes care of the rest. It seamlessly integrates with pages, posts, WooCommerce archives, products, videos, and more. The user-friendly interface ensures that you can protect your work and make it accessible only to those who have paid for it.

Free Version Features

  • Create one membership for your website content.
  • Restrict content visibility to users with a membership.
  • Display a 404 error page when non-members attempt to access restricted content.

Premium Version Features

  • Create unlimited memberships in your shop.
  • Choose one or more products to grant access to a membership plan.
  • Set expiration dates for each membership.
  • Make specific content available to members only after a certain number of days since purchasing the membership.
  • Grant access to all content on the website (products and posts) related to specific categories and/or tags for users belonging to the same membership.
  • Associate multiple memberships to allow users access to content from all memberships with a single account.
  • Support for variable products.
  • Restrict media access to users belonging to a specific membership.
  • Provide free access to the content of one or more membership plans for all registered users on the site.
  • Control access to links embedded in articles, pages, or products, displaying them only to the owners of a specific membership.
  • Choose the content of a page, post, or product that is accessible according to specific membership plans.
  • Remove pagination in posts, if any.
  • Allow members to send messages to the admin using the ‘YITH Membership – Messages’ feature.
  • Dedicated admin section for managing messages sent by members.
  • Detailed membership history for each user.
  • Change membership status for individual users.
  • Adjust membership expiration dates for individual users.
  • Restricted area in the “My account” page displaying all available content to users.
  • Shortcode to create a WooCommerce login form.
  • Choose what to display to non-members when they attempt to access restricted content:
    • Redirect to a 404 page.
    • Show alternative text, if available.
    • Redirect users to a specific URL.
  • Automatically send emails to users when specific events occur, such as:
    • Membership creation.
    • Membership cancellation.
    • Membership expiration (email sent ten days before expiration date).
  • Show users their membership history in their “My Account” page.
  • Allow non-registered users to purchase a membership.
  • Enable users to purchase a membership with a subscription plan, thanks to integration with YITH WooCommerce Subscription.
  • Set a limited number of product downloads per day/month or year.
  • Detailed reporting for tracking:
    • Number of downloads filtered by product and user.
    • Number of currently active memberships and those activated since the plugin’s activation date.
  • Admin can view details of each membership associated with a specific user:
    • Plan ID.
    • Start and end dates.
    • Associated order number.
    • User ID.
    • Membership status.
    • Remaining credits.
  • Set the required number of credits for product downloads.
  • Hide price and “Add to Cart” button for members on all downloadable products.
  • Modify all details related to memberships associated with a user on the admin side:
    • Associated plan ID.
    • Start and expiration dates.
    • Associated order number.
    • User ID.
    • Membership status.
    • Number of remaining credits.
  • Set the required credits for individual product downloads.
  • Hide price and “Add to Cart” button for all members on products for which download is available.
  • Offer free shipping on all products to users registered under specific membership plans.
  • Full compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing or Discounts, allowing for custom discounts for customers with one or more membership plans.
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