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Adifier is a truly comprehensive classified ads marketplace. All its features are constructed from the ground up, resulting in including only the necessary components. It was meticulously designed with extensive analysis of all popular marketplaces to determine which features to incorporate. Let’s explore some of the functionalities offered by the theme.

Various Ad Categories

Your users will have the ability to showcase their classified ads more effectively by choosing the ad type, conveying clear information to potential buyers. They can select from the following options: sell, auction, purchase, exchange, gift. Visitors can also filter ads based on these categories.

Advanced Personalized Fields

Advanced personalized fields aim to provide sellers with the capability to present their classifieds with detailed and substantial information, while granting visitors optimal filtering options without compromising site speed. Specially developed for this theme, advanced personalized fields achieve precisely that. You can configure personalized fields on a category-specific basis.

Monetization – Earnings from Ad Submission

Given the theme’s focus on diverse marketplace variations, generating revenue from classified ad submissions is a natural step. The theme supports packages (allowing users to post a specific number of ads), subscriptions (permitting users to submit ads for a certain duration), or free posting.

Monetization – Earnings from Ad Promotion

The theme goes a step further by enabling users to promote their classifieds. They can enhance an ad, highlight it, feature it, mark it as urgent, or promote it on the homepage map. This section is also fully customizable, allowing you to create an unlimited number of promotion offers.

Payment Methods

As you expand, the need for supporting various payment methods grows. The theme has you covered by accepting PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayUMoney, iDEAL, Wallet One, Paystack, PagSeguro, and Bank transfer. Just like everything else, this feature is tailor-made for the theme to ensure optimal service for classified ads.

Communication System

A marketplace thrives on communication. The custom-built messaging system in Adifier ensures that users have the best available means of communication for their classifieds. They can chat with other users, and messages are efficiently organized by ads.

Reviewing System

Building trust is crucial. For this purpose, a reviews system is implemented for both buyers and sellers. This gives users a starting point to assess the safety of trading with goods listed in classified ads.

Auction Mechanism

Whether buyers want to save money or sellers aim to maximize earnings, the bidding system for classified ads, fully integrated into the Adifier theme, allows them to achieve these goals.

Social Authentication

To streamline the registration process, a social login system has been developed. This enables users to quickly register and start posting classified ads.

User Control Panel

Users have complete control over their profiles through their dashboards. They can easily access information, perform actions, post classified ads, manage messaging and reviews, monitor ad visits, view invoices, manage favorite ads, update profile details, check ongoing auctions, and purchase packages or subscriptions.

Comparing Ads

Users can compare their favorite classified ads, gaining a clear overview of offerings. The comparison is based on features (custom fields), and you can set the maximum number of ads that can be compared.


  • Rise Ad
  • Accentuate Ad
  • Prominent Ad
  • Home Map Ad
  • Pressing Ad
  • Unlimited Subscription System
  • Unlimited Package System
  • Unlimited Hybrid System
  • Gratis System
  • Complimentary Ads Upon Registration
  • Analyze Ads
  • Google Cartography
  • Mapbox cartography
  • OpenStreet Cartography
  • Geographical Country Limitation
  • Handbook Tailored Locations
  • Locations in Singular List
  • Locations in Multifold Tiers
  • AJAX Hunt
  • Swift Hunt
  • Scope Filter
  • Customizable Fields Filter
  • Image-Exclusive Filter
  • State Filter
  • Expose Phone
  • Call Phone
  • Print Advertisement
  • Share Advertisement
  • Notify Advertisement
  • Bidding Chronicle Ad
  • Negotiable Attribute
  • Advertisement Carousel
  • Advertisement Video
  • Vendors Listing
  • Usual Vending Ad
  • Auction Advertisement
  • Present Ad
  • Procurement Advertisement
  • Trade Advertisement
  • Lease Advertisement
  • Employment Request Advertisement
  • Employment Proposal Advertisement
  • Nested Tailored Fields (e.g., Car Manufacturer / Model Dependency)
  • Multi-Value Tailored Field
  • Singular Value Tailored Field
  • Date-Tailored Entry
  • Singular / Multiple Hues Tailored Field
  • Range Slider Tailored Field
  • Input-Embedded Range Tailored Field
  • Checkbox Tailored Fields
  • Radio Button Tailored Fields
  • Ordinary Input Tailored Fields
  • Mandatory Control Tailored Fields
  • Multi-Currency
  • Limitless Categorization
  • Visit Chart
  • Advertisement Status
  • Thorough Profile Administration
  • AJAX Messaging
  • Messaging Per Advertisement
  • Purchaser Feedback
  • Vendor Feedback
  • Dashboard-Unread Comment Management
  • Feedback Responses
  • Preferred Ads
  • Swift Approach to Auctions
  • Pinned Menu
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) Full Support
  • XML Importer
  • CSV Importer
  • XLS Importer
  • Expanded/Collapsed Category Views
  • Categories in Singular List
  • Categories in Multifold Tiers
  • Logged-Out Intelligent Contact Form
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Prepared
  • account Inactivation
  • Inappropriate Language Blocker
  • Image Watermark
  • Facebook Sign-In
  • Twitter Sign-In
  • Google Sign-In
  • Usual Sign-In
  • Email Confirmation
  • Ad Expiry Email Notification
  • Auction Email Notification
  • Auction Countdown
  • Manual/Automated Approval
  • Approval Email Notification
  • Personalized Bidding Increment
  • Custom Video Preview Image
  • Personalized Ad Count per Page
  • Personalized Ad Count per Promotion
  • Tailored Map Aesthetics
  • Radius Measurement Units
  • Submission Terms & Conditions
  • Maximum Image Regulation
  • Maximum Image Size Regulation
  • Maximum Video Regulation
  • Tailored Email & Sender Name
  • Order Identification Management
  • Authorize.Net Payment Portal
  • Bank Transfer
  • iDEAL Payment Portal
  • PagSeguro Payment Portal
  • PayPal Payment Portal
  • PayStack Payment Portal
  • PayUMoney Payment Portal
  • Stripe Payment Portal
  • WalletOne Payment Portal
  • PayULatam Payment Portal
  • PayUEU Payment Portal
  • GoPay Payment Portal
  • QuickPay Payment Portal
  • PayHere Payment Portal
  • Mercado Payment Portal
  • PayFast Payment Portal
  • Paysafe Payment Portal
  • Worldpay Payment Portal
  • Flow Payment Portal
  • Tax Prepared
  • King Composer Page Creator
  • Beaver Builder Page Creator
  • Elementor Page Creator
  • List/Grid/Card Layout
  • Contact Form
  • Abundant Appearance Customization
  • Email Subscription
  • Pinned Menu
  • Numerous Blog Listings
  • Invoices
  • Slug Alteration
  • Distinct Email Logo
  • Aesthetic Email Notification Style
  • Password Retrieval
  • Password Robustness
  • Password Length
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Logo
  • Row Carousel
  • Row Video
  • Social Connections
  • Demonstration Content
  • Responsive
  • Constructed Anew
  • Optimized for Swiftness
  • 3 Navigation Designs
  • Google AdSense Ready
  • Google Analytics
  • Space for Advertisements
  • SMS/Call Phone Confirmation
  • And Numerous More…
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