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The EventON Event Calendar for WordPress is a meticulously designed event calendar that showcases events in a clean and clutter-free layout, aligning with the latest design trends in the industry.

EventON boasts an impressive array of 200+ features, including highly customizable recurring events, support for multiple event images, limitless event creation, a variety of calendar layout options, event location and organizer management, and advanced functionalities such as multi-data types and language-specific event support. All of these features are bundled into the best-selling Event Calendar on CodeCanyon!

Key Features:

  • Support for single and multiple day events.
  • Create single-day events or events without specified end times.
  • Easily duplicate events in the WordPress admin.
  • Exclude specific events from the calendar display.
  • Display events spanning until their end time while hiding the end time.
  • Set event location images and coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  • Save and reuse event locations.
  • Store event organizer contact information for easy access.
  • Save event organizer details for reuse in multiple events.
  • Flexible event link support.
  • Numerous user interaction options with events.
  • Use a universal time and date format throughout your website.
  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events.
  • Automatic archiving of past events.
  • Effortlessly add custom CSS styles through EventON Settings.
  • Customize calendar month/year formats.
  • Easily reset calendar appearance to default settings.
  • Option to open eventCards on page load.
  • Display upcoming events by months.
  • Pre-set calendar event order as ascending or descending.
  • Highlight featured events above others on the calendar.
  • Create calendars displaying only featured events.
  • Implement dynamic “load more” pagination for calendar events.
  • Show the calendar for specific fixed months.
  • Set eventCard opening to function as an accordion style.
  • Support for right-to-left text (RTL).
  • Limit the number of events displayed per month on the calendar.
  • Categorize events based on custom taxonomies.
  • Create calendars showcasing events from specific event categories.
  • Comprehensive customization of data on event rows in the calendar.
  • Customize interactive features of Google Maps integration.
  • Smooth AJAX-driven month-to-month navigation.
  • Easily add the calendar to your theme using shortcodes or PHP template tags.
  • Integration with PayPal for event payments.
  • Custom language text support with a POT file for further customization.
  • Random event order display option.
  • Display events exclusively for logged-in users.
  • Configure custom fields’ visibility for admins or logged-in users.
  • Prioritize month and year-long events over others.
  • Attach multiple images to an event.
  • EventON diagnosis and environment configuration via settings.
  • Automatic setting of past events as complete.
  • Support for virtual event locations (2.8.7).
  • Various event status values (2.8.7).
  • Event attendance modes: online or physical (2.8.7).
  • Edit event status field through quick edit and bulk edit functions (2.8.9).
  • Option to disable the jQuery mobile library from loading on the page (2.8.9).
  • Update event status via bulk edit for event posts (2.8.9).
  • Gutenberg-compatible shortcode generator (2.8.10).
  • Integration with Zoom for creating meetings.
  • “Happening now” calendar view (3.0).
  • UX enhancement: Open event cards as a lightbox with content loaded via AJAX (3.0).
  • Display content after the virtual event ends at a specific time (3.0).
  • Option to apply timezone value to all events (3.0).
  • Local user time for events using moment.js (3.0).
  • Option to hide GMT value on events (3.0.2).
  • Interactive repeat event setup (3.0.6).
  • Related events in order of event date (3.0.8).
  • WP_Query methods for faster loading (4.0).
  • Hide canceled events with ‘hide_cancels=’yes” (4.0).
  • Virtual event filters for event filtering (4.0).
  • Eventtop designer (4.1).
  • Create links to single event pages anywhere on your site using shortcodes (4.1).
  • Hourly repeat feature (4.1).
  • Restrict single event pages to logged-in users only (4.1).
  • Mobile-specific user interaction (4.2).
  • Sorting and filtering within the search box (4.2).
  • Assign multiple organizers to an event (4.2).
  • Lightbox-based organizer details (4.2).
  • Customize the “No event” section with a link (4.2).
  • Repeat event URL support for current repeat events (4.3).
  • Social sharing options: WhatsApp and copy event link (4.3).
  • AJAX-based event editing settings (4.3).

3rd Party Integrations:

  • Font Awesome
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Fonts API
  • moment.js
  • Elementor Widget
  • Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator
  • WooCommerce
  • Zoom API
  • PayPal Basic
  • Handlebars.js
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