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BuddyPress is a valuable, free plugin that empowers you to enrich your WordPress site with features such as online profiles, user groups, private messaging, and more. When combined with LearnDash, it becomes a powerful tool for building a community around your online courses. If you’re already using BuddyPress, this integration opens up new opportunities to provide added value to your members by offering online courses within your community.

BuddyPress Groups:

Seamless Integration: Easily incorporate any LearnDash Course into a BuddyPress Group with minimal effort.

Automated Membership: Course participants are automatically added as members to the associated group.

Privacy and Engagement: The group becomes a private space exclusively for course participants and invited members, ensuring a focused learning environment.

Course Content Accessibility: Course lessons become readily accessible within the group, enhancing the learning experience.

Course Progress Tracking: Track course activity within the group, providing optional updates on course progress.

Discussion Forum Inclusion: If bbPress is enabled, a discussion forum is automatically created for each “course group,” bearing the same name as the course for easy access.

Visual Identity: The course’s featured image becomes the group’s avatar in case no group avatar has been set, maintaining a consistent visual identity.

BuddyPress Activity:

Real-Time Interaction: BuddyPress Activity is a foundational feature, enabling real-time interactions among users. When a course is linked to a group, course-related actions can be optionally shared within the group’s activity stream.

User-Centric Control: Group administrators have the flexibility to choose which course-related actions are displayed in their group’s activity stream. These actions can include:

  • User starting a course
  • User completing a course
  • User creating a lesson
  • User completing a lesson
  • User initiating a topic
  • User completing a topic
  • User passing a quiz
  • User commenting on a lesson page

bbPress Forums:

Flexible Integration: If you have bbPress enabled, a dedicated forum is automatically created for each “course group.” It adopts the same name as the course, providing an ideal space for members to discuss the course content within the group.

Optional Usage: You don’t have to use BuddyPress to utilize bbPress. If you solely wish to use bbPress, you can use the LearnDash & bbPress add-on for a streamlined experience.

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