Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

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The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin offers a versatile shipping calculation method that allows you to configure multiple pricing options based on various criteria set by the admin. These criteria can include factors such as shipping destination, cart subtotal, item delivery class, price, weight, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Pricing:
    • Configure pricing based on various criteria, including:
      • Order details
      • Individual products
      • Cart line items
      • Shipping class
    • Seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce Shipping Zones.
    • Define multiple conditions within each shipping zone.
  2. Extensive Conditions:
    • Set conditions based on:
      • Subtotal
      • Quantity
      • Weight
      • Dimensions (Height, Width, Length)
      • Surface Area
      • Volume
      • Product specifics (Shipping class, Category, Product)
      • Date and time (Date range, Day of the week)
  3. Multiple Conditions:
    • Apply multiple conditions within each table row.
  4. Flexible Pricing Options:
    • Choose from various pricing options, including:
      • Flat Rate
      • Percentage of Subtotal
      • Multiply by weight, dimensions, or quantity
      • Set different costs for specific quantities or weights.
  5. Combination Pricing:
    • Create complex pricing structures, such as:
      • Flat rate combined with a percentage for fuel surcharge
      • Base price plus additional costs for weight increments.
  6. Priority Control:
    • Easily reorder table rows using drag and drop to determine condition and cost priority.
  7. Tax Management:
    • Disable shipping taxes on a per-instance basis.
  8. Role-Based Limits:
    • Limit Table Rate methods based on user roles.
  9. Dimensional Weight Calculations:
    • Calculate shipping costs based on dimensional weight, considering volume adjustments.
  10. Tax and Coupon Handling:
    • Define conditions inclusive of or exclusive of tax and coupon discounts.
  11. Rounding Options:
    • Round prices to the nearest whole number.
  12. Method Visibility:
    • Choose to hide this method when Free Shipping is available.
  13. Additional Information:
    • Add custom text below the shipping option’s title and price to provide customers with more details.
  14. Default Selection:
    • Set the default shipping method.
  15. Streamlined User Experience:
    • Hide other options when a customer qualifies for this method, reducing confusion.
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