Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

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  • Product Version : 12.25
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Key Features:

  1. Versatile Design: Customize your video gallery with over five skins or create your own unique skins using the Design Center to match your branding perfectly.
  2. Mobile-Friendly: Compatible with iPhones and iPads, this plugin automatically generates HTML5 videos for Apple device users.
  3. Endless Choices: Tailor your gallery with precision. You can feature single videos, curated video collections, a mix of video types (YouTube, Dailymotion, self-hosted, audio files, images, Vimeo, and more), YouTube user channels, Vimeo user channels, Vimeo albums, YouTube playlists, and more.
  4. Hybrid Functionality: Use it as a standalone video player or embed it seamlessly into your content.
  5. Diverse Stream Sources: Stream content from self-hosted videos, audio files, images, YouTube playlists, YouTube keywords, YouTube user channels, Vimeo user channels, Vimeo channels, Vimeo albums, and more.
  6. Multi-Gallery Integration: Combine multiple galleries into one. Perfect for creating a comprehensive gallery with content from a Vimeo channel, a YouTube playlist, and your custom videos.
  7. Comprehensive Admin Panel: The plugin offers an extensive admin panel with numerous customization options. A user-friendly drag-and-drop HTML5 uploader simplifies content management. Features like drag-and-drop item sorting and gallery duplication enhance your editing experience. Create an unlimited number of galleries in the admin and easily insert them into your content.
  8. Subtitle Support: Add captions to your videos by using .srt type subtitles.
  9. Play From Anywhere: Set the initial playtime for your videos or resume from where viewers left off using the latest HTML5 Local Storage API.
  10. Backup and Data Management: Safeguard your database with the export and import features, ensuring your data is secure.
  11. Effortless Installation: Get up and running in under three minutes. Insert galleries into your content using a simple shortcode – [videogallery id=”theidyousetintheadmin”].
  12. Auxiliary Shortcodes: Easily embed individual videos in your posts with

    , [youtube], and [vimeo] shortcodes.

  13. Shortcode Generator: Simplify shortcode usage with the Shortcode Generator accessible from your post/page editor.
  14. Seamless API Integration:
    • Vimeo API: Seamlessly connect to Vimeo API, retrieve Vimeo Albums or User channels, and access additional videos beyond the standard API limit.
    • YouTube API: Effortlessly link to YouTube Playlists or User channels, and access more videos than the standard API limit.
  15. Deeplinking: Automatically update the browser URL to match the current video, making it easy to share links to specific videos.
  16. Social Media Sharing: Share videos on Facebook with their thumbnails using Open Graph tags.
  17. RTL Admin Support: The admin interface is adapted for use with Arabic and Hebrew languages.
  18. Linking Support: Share direct links to specific videos within your gallery.
  19. Metadata Support: Automatically include attributes like og:image and og:title for correct display on social media platforms when sharing videos.
  20. DASH MPEG Support: Seamless live streaming on all major browsers and devices.
  21. Gallery Video Linking: Easily share links to individual gallery videos.
  22. Ultra-Responsive: Option to proportionally resize all videos in your gallery.
  23. Replace Default WordPress Features: Replace default WordPress video playlists and video embeds with this powerful plugin.
  24. Import Folders: Save time by importing entire folders from your server.
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