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Next Generation WordPress + BuddyPress Social Network!

We meticulously crafted this theme to equip you with all the essentials to construct an exceptional community featuring comprehensive profiles, responses, circles, insignias, missions, levels, credits, and much more in the pipeline!

The Ultimate Approach to Connect With Your Companions!

BuddyPress Empowered Social Network We harnessed the capabilities of the BuddyPress plugin and extended it with reactions, shares, media, and a variety of other enhancements!

Outstanding Gamification with Gamipress We established a complete gamification encounter incorporating badges, undertakings, credits, and levels to deliver an awe-inspiring involvement!

Highly Elaborate Design Components & Pages All pages have been meticulously shaped to cater to all potential requirements! We’ve also included an abundance of illustrations and PSD elements!

Comprehensive Profile & Newsfeed Pages

We introduced an exceptionally comprehensive profile page furnished with a polished design, compartments, and a slider for convenient access to all profile segments including: “about,” images, unlocked badges, completed quests, posts, and more! Additionally, you’ll come across other community sections such as the newsfeed, complete profile settings, members, and group directories, and more!

Completely Overhauled Profile Status Updates!

We completely overhauled the BuddyPress status update panel! Effortlessly upload images, GIFs, share status updates, edit your posts, and even embed YouTube videos by pasting the URL! You’ll have a wide array of status updates and activity posts (like when someone befriends you). Additionally, you can designate your posts as pinned or favorites, all easily identifiable through our bespoke icons!

Express Yourself with Post Responses!

Recognizing its significance, we devised a BuddyPress reactions plugin exclusively tailored for the Vikinger theme, accompanied by custom-designed reaction illustrations by our team! You’ll have access to 8 distinct reactions: Thumbs Up, Adoration, Disapproval, Joyful, Humorous, Astonished, Irate, and Sorrowful. Our integration with BuddyPress enables you to react not only to profile posts but also to profile comments and replies!

Effortless Post Sharing with Our Sharing Function

We introduced a novel sharing activity and feature, enabling you to swiftly share one of your friend’s activities on your profile stream! If you appreciate a post, simply click the “Share” button at the bottom, prompting a popup to exhibit the chosen post along with a status update box for your reflections! Furthermore, you can even share your own posts! Rapidly inject new information or revisit old posts you wish to discuss again!

Gamipress: Badge-Based Gamification

Leveraging Gamipress’s Achievements functionality, we fashioned a badge system where you can attain badges and amass credits to unlock profile levels! You can also showcase them prominently in your profile through the badges widget! We’ve enclosed a PSD featuring numerous badge designs, granting you the freedom to personalize them or even conceive new ones, given that the badges are constructed using PS vectors!

Gamipress: Quest-Based Gamification

Similarly employing Gamipress’s Achievements feature, we devised a quests system, offering opportunities to fulfill quests and amass credits to unlock profile levels! Analogous to badges, you can display them with pride in your profile using the quests widget! We’ve provided a PSD with an array of quest medal colors, allowing for customization or the creation of fresh designs, as the medals are formed using PS vectors!

Gamipress: Credit-Oriented Gamification

Through the utilization of Gamipress Points, we introduced three distinct types of credits: Gold, Gems, and Emeralds. Employ these credits to access higher ranks and progress! Showcase them prominently in your profile using the credits widget, and conveniently monitor your balance from the top bar. We’ve included a PSD encompassing all three credit variations, all created using PS vectors, affording the flexibility to tailor them to your preference or fabricate new iterations!

Gamipress: Rank-Driven Gamification

Harnessing the capabilities of Gamipress Ranks, we established a tiered ranking system featuring 6 levels, allowing you to ascend by accruing credits and satisfying prerequisites! We’ve correlated your rank number and advancement with profile avatars. Users can swiftly gauge each other’s ranks and progress via the exterior progress bar. Akin to the previous elements, a PSD is included for the 6 rank shields, all built with PS vectors, affording customization possibilities or the prospect of crafting new renditions!

Outstanding Blog Page with Reactions

A comprehensive blog incorporating 3 distinct perspectives: list, compact grid, and expansive grid, streamlining the quest for preferred posts. We’ve incorporated various post formats including standard, video, audio, and gallery, alongside three distinct post views. Similar to the BuddyPress post updates, we’ve included reactions to enable readers to express their opinions!

Illustrations, SVG Icons and Avatars Encompassed!

Absolutely! We’re encompassing all illustrative elements, such as credits, rank emblems, badges, quest tokens, section banners, landing page illustrations, and much more within the package in PSD format, all designed using PS vectors for effortless personalization through a few clicks! Moreover, we’re including SVG icons and 16 avatars (15 depicting individuals and 1 portraying a smiley). Note that these components pertain exclusively to illustrative elements and not complete page PSDs!

Remarkable Groups with User-Friendly Management

To eliminate the need for users to access the WordPress dashboard, we’ve introduced an author hub that facilitates effortless alterations to avatars, cover photos, social media links, personal details, and a host of other features!

Elegant Author Hub Management

Generate and oversee BuddyPress groups with ease! Within the author hub, we’ve established a stylish management system that simplifies group creation and management, enabling you to promote authors to moderator or administrator roles, review invitations, and much more!

Seamless Integration of React Elements in this Theme!

Kindly peruse the explanation below to grasp this concept more thoroughly! We employed React to imbue various sections of the template with dynamism, enabling users to interact with these components sans the need for page reloads, thereby enhancing user experience. For instance, users can filter activities, add them to their favorites or pin them, react to and comment on them, all without triggering a page refresh. This also entails that certain plugins or add-ons that might seamlessly function with default WordPress, BuddyPress, or GamiPress setups might necessitate additional support in the context of our theme. To explore the full array of functionalities integrated into our Vikinger theme, feel free to explore our live preview. Our comprehensive documentation encompasses numerous videos guiding you through theme setup and customization across all aspects; you can access these videos through the prominent banner at the top. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about any clarifications you require prior to making a purchase!

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