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WeePie Cookie Allow: The Automated Cookie Blocker Plugin for WordPress – Ensured EU GDPR Compliance Since 2015

Introducing WeePie Cookie Allow, the automatic cookie blocker plugin for WordPress that has been ensuring EU GDPR compliance since 2015. This plugin offers a seamless, comprehensive, and adaptable solution for implementing cookie rules on your WordPress website, enabling you to achieve full compliance with GDPR regulations.

Tailor Your Cookie Consent Approach to Match Your Website’s Style!

Effortlessly adhere to various regulations, including:

  • European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • UK Cookie Law
  • Dutch Cookie Rule (AVG)
  • Italian Cookie Law
  • German Cookie Directive (German Data Protection Amendment Act – GDPAA)

Highlighted GDPR-Compliant Features:

  • Cookie information bar/box featuring the option to include:
    • Link to your cookie policy page
    • “Accept” cookie button
    • “Decline” cookie button
    • Cookie settings adjustment
    • Blocking of privacy-sensitive or third-party cookies before obtaining consent
    • Consent logging

Wondering if EU GDPR Compliance is Required? The Answer is Yes!

Whether you operate a European website or cater to a European audience, it’s crucial to inform and obtain consent from visitors regarding the placement of privacy-sensitive cookies on your site. The nature of compliance may vary based on the location and context of cookie usage, necessitating explicit or implicit consent.

Personalize Your Cookie Consent Experience Effectively!

Our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin for WordPress empowers you to seamlessly achieve cookie compliance according to the regulations of your country (GDPR) while maintaining your unique approach:

  • Design your cookie consent method:
    • Determine which cookies are allowed prior to consent
    • Select your preferred consent mechanism, such as scrolling through the website or clicking the “Accept” button
    • Opt for a layer overlay (cookie wall) if desired
  • Choose your preferred consent presentation:
    • Pick between a discreet cookie bar or a prominent box
    • Customize visual elements, including text, colors, corners, and positions, to align with your website’s aesthetics.

Upgrade your website’s cookie compliance with WeePie Cookie Allow and provide a seamless, personalized user experience while meeting essential GDPR requirements.

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