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WooCommerce PDF Invoice stands as the ultimate invoicing extension, offering a blend of professionalism and an array of features, all complemented by premium support, for those serious about their business.

Invoicing extensions, in our view, are far from ordinary. They necessitate strict adherence to accounting standards and regulations. The extension itself must be rock-solid; a single flaw can lead to unforeseen additional costs down the road.

With this in mind, we dedicated countless hours to meticulous research of accounting standards, resulting in a product we proudly tout as the world’s most professional WooCommerce invoicing extension.

Effortless Invoicing Automation:

  • Invoices are generated automatically for each new order.
  • Seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce and its functionalities.
  • Invoice PDF documents are effortlessly attached to standard WooCommerce emails.
  • It recognizes the currency used in your store and other pertinent settings.
  • A plug-and-play solution – simply activate, and you’re good to go.

Diverse Invoice Types:

  • Regular invoices are generated as soon as orders are marked as completed.
  • Generated invoices are securely stored as unalterable PDF files.
  • Proforma invoices are readily available for all new orders by default.
  • Proforma invoices are created dynamically and always reflect any order changes.
  • Use both invoice types or disable one as needed.

Streamlined Invoice Management:

  • Easily download any invoice from the order list view or single order view.
  • Configure proforma invoices to be attached to New Order emails sent to store managers.
  • Manually generate regular invoices even before orders are marked as completed.
  • If order details change, you can manually delete and regenerate invoices.
  • Download all regular invoices in a ZIP file by specifying a date range.

Buyer & Seller Information:

  • Set seller company name, address, and other pertinent details.
  • Upload a new logo image or select from existing images in the media library.
  • Optionally resize the logo image to ensure it looks perfect on the invoice.
  • Utilize the advanced buyer details block editor to accommodate any formatting needs.
  • Full support for custom checkout fields is provided!

Dependable Numbering System:

  • The extension includes an in-built proprietary document numbering system.
  • It safeguards against duplicate invoice numbers and numbering sequence gaps.
  • Set invoice number prefixes and suffixes with {{year}}, {{month}}, and {{day}} macros.
  • Optionally reset the next invoice number to “1” at the start of each year.
  • Alternatively, you can disable the built-in numbering system and utilize order numbers exclusively.

Comprehensive Tax Handling:

  • Supports tax configurations as set in WooCommerce, displaying tax rows in the totals block.
  • Tax placement is adaptable, appearing either above or below the total based on subtotal exclusivity.
  • Optionally, display net amounts, tax rates, and tax amounts on each line (required in certain countries).
  • Optionally, include a “Total excluding tax” row (required in some countries).
  • Multiple tax classes (rates) are supported and displayed on separate rows.

Advanced Control:

  • Easily enable or disable the sending of invoices via email.
  • Choose whether to show or hide invoice download links on the “View Order” page.
  • Customize the display of product ID, SKU, category, and short description.
  • Opt to display or hide product thumbnails beneath the primary item data row.
  • Tailor the presentation of the amount in words below the totals.
  • Adaptable Layout: Tailor your invoice’s appearance with ease.
  • Incorporate and modify footer content effortlessly.
  • Utilize up to four custom content blocks for payment, warranty, and other vital information.
  • Customize content blocks for different types of invoices.
  • Harness the power of multiple macros, such as {{order_date}} or {{shipping_method}}.
  • Utilize any custom order field as a macro to meet your specific needs.
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