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The WordPress Automatic Plugin is a powerful tool that automates the posting of content from various sources directly to your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can effortlessly publish a wide range of content types, making it an invaluable tool for streamlining your content management.


  1. Diverse Content Sources: This plugin can fetch content from a multitude of sources, including exorcism-focused articles, Amazon products, Clickbank products, Walmart products, YouTube videos, Vimeo movies, DailyMotion videos, feed posts, eBay auctions, Flickr images, Instagram images, Pinterest pins, Reddit posts, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, iTunes apps, songs, ebooks, movies, and podcasts, Envato items, as well as SoundCloud songs.
  2. Single Scraper Module: The latest version introduces a “Single Scraper” module, enabling you to scrape data from virtually any webpage. You can specify the URL and select the specific data elements you want to extract using a visual selector.
  3. Automatic Article Posting: The plugin can search ezinearticles.com for articles related to your chosen keywords and automatically publish high-quality articles to your WordPress site.
  4. Feed Content Auto-Posting: It can monitor your specified feeds at regular intervals and post each new item as a new WordPress post.
  5. Full Content Extraction: WordPress Automatic can convert truncated feed entries into full-length posts, providing your readers with complete content.
  6. Selective Content Extraction: You can extract specific portions of original feed posts by specifying CSS id/class, XPath, or REGEX patterns and concatenate them into your WordPress posts.
  7. Search and Replace: The plugin allows you to search for specific text or areas within extracted content and replace them with other text.
  8. Original Timestamp Preservation: Posts fetched from feeds can maintain their original timestamps, ensuring your content reflects when it was originally published.
  9. Category Extraction: The plugin can add posts to WordPress categories based on the categories in the original content.
  10. Tag Extraction: Tags can be extracted from the original content using CSS id/class or set as tags for the generated posts.
  11. Author Extraction: The author’s name from the original post can be extracted and assigned to the generated post if available.
  12. Content Validation: The plugin can check extracted content for actual content, skipping posts with no content.
  13. Language Filtering: It can identify non-English posts and treat them as pending if desired.
  14. Image Handling: You can choose to skip posts that don’t contain images or extract images from content.
  15. Post Sorting: Options to post older or newer items first.
  16. HTML Entity Decoding: It can decode HTML entities in extracted content or titles.
  17. Encoding Conversion: Content encoding can be converted to UTF-8 for compatibility with WordPress.
  18. Duplicate Title Handling: The plugin checks for duplicate post titles to prevent redundant content.
  19. Featured Image Support: It can extract and set Facebook og:image tags as featured images.
  20. Amazon Product Integration: Automatically search for Amazon products matching your keywords and add affiliate links, helping you earn commissions from referred sales.
  21. Browse Nodes: Post from specific Amazon browse nodes (sub-categories) by entering the node ID.
  22. Price Range Filtering: Set minimum and maximum price values to filter Amazon products.
  23. Search Sorting: Sort search results by criteria like sales rank or price.
  24. Search Criteria: Filter results based on specific criteria, such as products featuring a particular actor or electronics from a specific manufacturer like Apple.
  25. Buy Link Integration: Add purchase links to product pages or directly to the shopping cart.
  26. WooCommerce Compatibility: Amazon items can be added as WooCommerce products, seamlessly integrating with your WordPress website.
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