WP Pro Advertising System

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WP Pro Advertising System

Effortlessly Manage Your Ads!

The “WP PRO Advertising System” WordPress Plugin empowers you to effortlessly control advertisements on your WordPress site. With its robust features, you can seamlessly integrate ads into your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners, and adzones, all within a matter of seconds.

In addition to traditional banners, this plugin allows you to create Corner Peel Ads and Popup Banners, and you can even transform your post/page backgrounds into advertisements. It also provides detailed tracking of clicks, impressions, and click-through rates (CTR) to offer you clear and organized statistics.

A highlight of the 5.0 update is the Visual Banner Creator, enabling you to craft stunning HTML5 banners using the built-in Drag & Drop designer.

In short, if you’re in search of a straightforward, user-friendly, and highly professional solution for ad management on your website, this plugin is precisely what you need.

Key Features:

Advertiser Management Create profiles for your advertisers, associate banners with their accounts, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your advertising activities.

Campaign Management Establish multiple marketing campaigns for each advertiser. Campaigns allow you to schedule ads for specific days of the week, run them frequently, or group banners together effectively.

Banner Management Generate visually appealing HTML5 banners with ease using the integrated Visual Banner Creator. You have various options for adding and creating banners:

  • Upload banners from your computer or link external banners.
  • Insert HTML code (AdSense, iframes, HTML5, SVG, etc.).
  • Design flexible HTML5 banners using the Visual Banner Creator.

Adzone Management Place adzones anywhere on your website. Once you link a banner to an adzone, it will be displayed on your site. Adzones can be of any size. There are four methods for integrating adzones into your site:

  • Template tag: Incorporate a PHP function in your template.
  • Shortcode: Utilize a shortcode within your posts/pages.
  • Widgets: Use the custom Pro Ads widget to showcase ads in sidebars or specific areas.
  • Iframes: This option lets you display ads on external sites while managing them from a single admin panel.

Statistics Tracking Maintain a clear and comprehensive overview of impressions, clicks, and CTR for each banner, adzone, campaign, or advertiser. Export data to PDF for further analysis. The plugin also tracks detailed user information for every click and impression.

Relevant Banner Display Ensure that your visitors see relevant ads. Display banners that match the user’s device, browser, and mobile brand.

Banner Triggers Ensure banners are shown at the right place and time. Trigger options allow you to display banners when users perform specific actions on a page or after a certain duration of time.

Popup Advertisements Capture user attention by displaying adzones as popups. Each popup can be customized, including background color and opacity, using the user-friendly Shortcode Editor.

Background Advertisements Transform your background into an advertisement. Load adzones as background ads on any post/page. Each post/page can have a unique advertising background.

Shortcode Editor Adding banners to your website is made easy with [shortcodes]. The included Shortcode Editor generates shortcodes precisely as you need them.

Responsive Ads Display ads on any device.

MailChimp Integration Add ads to your MailChimp newsletters. Each adzone has its own RSS feed, allowing you to include your banners in MailChimp newsletters and display them to your subscribers.

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