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You can offer subscriptions for a wide range of products, including magazines, consultations, coaching courses, videos, audios, and more, allowing your customers to join a unique membership with your store as the central character.

Thanks to its seamless integration with YITH WooCommerce Membership, you can effortlessly create subscriptions for online products that will be exclusive to those who choose to purchase them, such as video courses, monthly podcasts, and more.

The trial mode grants your customers access to your products for a limited time, increasing their engagement with your store and potential purchases.

Moreover, the built-in reminder system of YITH WooCommerce Subscription will prompt your customers to renew their subscriptions, boosting your renewal rates.

Automatic renewal payments are supported with various payment methods, including PayPal standard, YITH WooCommerce Stripe (premium version), YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect, and YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce.


Users can link more than one subscription to the same account, and depending on the selected payment gateway, they can even add multiple subscriptions to the same cart. This feature is compatible with YITH Stripe Premium, YITH Stripe Connect, and YITH PayPal Express Checkout.


Admins can also customize the payment date for the next subscription payment, depending on the chosen payment gateway. Supported with YITH Stripe Connect and YITH PayPal Express Checkout.


  • Create subscription plans for simple, digital, or downloadable products.
  • Choose the subscription renewal frequency (daily or monthly).
  • Block subscription renewals (available only with PayPal).
  • Admins can cancel a subscription.


In addition to the free version features, the premium version offers:

  • Payment options via PayPal or credit/debit card (using PayPal Standard, YITH Stripe, YITH Stripe Connect, and YITH PayPal Express Checkout).
  • Subscription plans for physical and variable products.
  • User suspension of subscriptions (for a specific number of times determined by admins) with the option to resume them by extending the expiration date.
  • Detailed subscription information on a page, including start date, expiration date, product details, billing and shipping information, and linked orders.
  • Offer a trial period to customers before subscribing to a plan.
  • Request a sign-up fee before purchasing a subscription plan.
  • Allow customers access to content even after the expiration date while their payment is on pause.
  • Suspend access to content on the expiration date without deleting the subscription.
  • Users can access subscription information on the “My Account” page.
  • Reactivate an expired subscription plan from the “My Account” page.
  • Automatic email notifications for various subscription events, including expiring, payment made, plan canceled, plan paused, and plan resumed.
  • Two additional coupons, one for the sign-up fee and one for the recurring fee.
  • The ability to upgrade or downgrade a subscription plan (configurable for variable products).
  • Customize the “Add to Cart” button label.
  • Display the subscription duration to users.
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Stripe, YITH Stripe Connect for WooCommerce, and YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce.
  • Automatic subscription cancellation if the related order is canceled.
  • Automatic subscription suspension in case of periodic payment failures.
  • After three failed attempts using Stripe or PayPal, the subscription is automatically marked as “Cancelled.”
  • Delay automatic status changes (for “active,” “overdue,” and “suspended” statuses) by a specified number of hours.
  • Allow customers to pay shipping charges only once within the subscription period with one-time shipping.
  • Edit and assign billing and shipping addresses in the subscription details.
  • Let users edit the address for a single subscription or all subscriptions directly from the My Account page.
  • Edit subscription details such as renewal date, expiration date, amount, and billing cycle used with YITH Stripe Connect and YITH PayPal Express Checkout.
  • Allow users to trigger payment when the previous attempt has failed (Renew Now button).
  • Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), managing personal data requests and anonymization processes while deciding on data retention for accounting purposes.
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