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The Divi Booster Plugin for WordPress enhances and improves Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme by providing bug fixes and a wide range of features. Here’s a revised feature list:

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolves the group member alignment bug.
  • Fixes the issue of horizontal scroll-bars.
  • Addresses header bill concealment/magnifying glass issue.
  • Rectifies slider text overlapping issue.
  • Solves the problem of pricing tables clipping characteristics.


  • Customize the font size.
  • Set the background color.

Page Builder:

  • Enable Page Builder for posts and custom post types.


  • Add an image before the header.
  • Implement a “sticky” sidebar on the left of the screen.
  • Allow the main content to overlap the header in container layout.


Top Header:

  • Modify the phone and email styles (size, color, and background).
  • Right-align the top header email and phone number.

Main Header:

  • Hide the logo.
  • Add a new section below the navigation links.
  • Vertically center the header links.
  • Prevent the header from reducing in size until the user scrolls down by a certain amount.
  • Hide the fixed header until the user scrolls down.
  • Use the mobile header bill button on desktops as well.
  • Adjust the logo height (normal or “shrunken”).
  • Hide the bottom border of the header.
  • Prevent the header from shrinking on scroll.
  • Completely hide the header.
  • Hide header links and search.
  • Set the header height (normal or “shrunken”).

Mobile Header:

  • Implement an “app-style” header design for mobiles.
  • Hide the search icon on mobiles.
  • Customize the mobile menu icon (“hamburger”) color.
  • Add custom text before the menu button.


  • Make featured images full-width.


  • Set the sidebar background color.
  • Hide the sidebar distribution line.
  • Adjust the sidebar width.


  • Center the theme data links.
  • Replace the footer links with your own text/HTML.



  • Make accordions start fully collapsed by default.


  • Add custom icons.


  • Change the grid layout default image sizes.
  • Set the grid layout hover color.
  • Center the images in grid layout thumbnails.


  • Change the map pin icon.
  • Display maps in grayscale.

Pricing Table:

  • Hide bullet points in pricing tables.
  • Use an expanded pricing table style.
  • Use rounded pricing table corners.
  • Use + and x feature icons.
  • Apply strike-through to unavailable features.


  • Change the default slider height.
  • Set default background color and opacity for slider text.
  • Position slider images on the right.
  • Open slider links in a new tab.


  • Use a straight pay subscription module style.


  • Increase spacing around bullet lists.

CSS Manager:

  • View your ePanel CSS.
  • Apply CSS by user type (logged in, non-logged in).
  • Apply CSS to a specific page or post.
  • Apply CSS to specific layouts (boxed, vertical navigation, etc).
  • Apply CSS to a specific browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Lynx).
  • Apply CSS to a specific platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone).
  • Apply CSS to a specific screen size (based on Divi’s natural breakpoints).

Developer Tools:


  • Export your Divi Booster settings to a file.
  • Import Divi Booster settings from a file.

Generated CSS:

  • Use inline CSS (default is an external file).
  • Disable CSS minification.
  • View the CSS generated by the plugin.

Generated JS:

  • Use inline JavaScript (default is an external file).
  • Disable JavaScript minification.
  • View the JavaScript generated by the plugin.

Generated Footer HTML:

  • View the HTML generated by the plugin.

Generated .htaccess Rules:

  • View the .htaccess rules generated by the plugin.
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