Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

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  1. Multiple Social Networks: Easy Social Share Buttons typically supports a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others. Users can customize which networks are displayed on their website.
  2. Customizable Share Buttons: Users can customize the appearance and placement of social share buttons. This includes options for button size, shape, color, and placement (e.g., floating sidebar, inline, or pop-up).
  3. Social Share Counts: The plugin often provides social share counts to show users how many times a piece of content has been shared on various social platforms. This social proof can encourage more sharing.
  4. Share Counter Recovery: If you change your domain or switch to SSL (HTTPS), this feature typically allows you to recover your existing share counts.
  5. Share Analytics: Users can track social sharing activity through the plugin, including which content is being shared the most and on which social networks. This helps in understanding audience preferences.
  6. Click to Tweet: Easy Social Share Buttons often includes a “Click to Tweet” feature, allowing users to create tweetable quotes or snippets within their content.
  7. Social Follow Buttons: In addition to share buttons, the plugin may include social follow buttons to encourage users to follow your social media profiles.
  8. Mobile Optimization: The plugin typically offers mobile-optimized display options to ensure that social share buttons look and work well on smartphones and tablets.
  9. Shareable Image Support: Users can often specify custom shareable images and descriptions for different social networks, ensuring that shared content looks appealing.
  10. Customizable Pop-Ups: Some versions of the plugin allow you to create customizable pop-up boxes for sharing content or for collecting email subscribers.
  11. Social Proof: You can display social proof notifications that show recent shares or interactions with your content to boost credibility and engagement.
  12. Share Recovery: If you change your URL structure or move your site, the plugin may help recover your social share counts to prevent them from resetting to zero.
  13. Share Statistics: Detailed statistics and reports on social sharing activity, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve your social media strategy.
  14. Integration with Email Marketing: Some versions of the plugin might allow integration with popular email marketing services, making it easier to grow your subscriber list.
  15. Performance Optimization: To ensure your website remains fast, the plugin may include options for optimizing the loading of social share buttons.
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