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WooImporter is a powerful plugin designed to seamlessly import products from eBay or Aliexpress into your WordPress WooCommerce website. This plugin streamlines the process of populating your website with accurate product listings, utilizing affiliate URLs.

With WooImporter, you can effortlessly import products from eBay and Aliexpress. After the import process is complete, the uploaded items will be displayed in your WordPress admin dashboard under the Products section.

WooImporter relies on the official provider APIs and offers a comprehensive set of features:

Full Services List

  • Search Aliexpress/eBay for products by Product ID.
  • Search eBay for products using specific Store names.
  • Search Aliexpress for products using various filters, including keywords, categories, price ranges, order quantities (last 30 days), feedback scores, and high-quality items.
  • Search eBay for products using various filters, including store names, keywords, categories, price ranges, shipping costs, feedback scores, shipping options, condition, location, and listing types.
  • Split search results into pages for easier data review.
  • Sort search results by different criteria.
  • Participate in the Aliexpress/eBay Affiliate program by adding your API key.
  • Automatically generate affiliate links by changing the default product type to “External/Affiliate Product.”
  • Find links to Aliexpress/Ebay products or vendor pages in the WooCommerce Orders page of the WordPress backend.
  • Use Price rules to apply your own pricing rules and markup/margin to product prices.
  • Display regular and sale prices for products.
  • Auto-update rules to check product prices and stock availability on a schedule or individually.
  • Manually update specific product prices and stock availability.
  • Bulk import found products from the search results page into WooCommerce.
  • Schedule the import of selected products as needed.
  • Automatically create eBay category attributes when importing into WooCommerce.
  • Quick-edit product attributes for every imported item.
  • Automatically convert currency using the currency conversion factor.
  • Ability to remove links and images from product descriptions during import.
  • Set custom product statuses upon import and when products go out of stock.
  • Save server space by managing cached images for products using the automatic image limit feature.
  • Extend WooImporter functionality with add-ons for other vendors such as Amazon, Walmart, and Envato, available on Codecanyon (please check our portfolio for available add-ons).

Major Features Overview

Common Settings

To configure the plugin, you can use various settings:

  • Currency conversion factor: Specify the conversion factor if your store uses a currency different from the US dollar. The value will adjust accordingly.
  • Default Product Type: WooCommerce setting that assigns a default product type for items imported from various providers (eBay, Aliexpress, etc.). Change it to “External/Affiliate Product” if you want customers to visit the provider’s website when they click the purchase button on the WooCommerce product page. You will need your own API key, which can be added to WooImporter to generate affiliate links.
  • Default Product Status: Set the default product status for imports in WooCommerce.
  • Remove links from descriptions: Eliminate links from imported product descriptions.
  • Remove images from descriptions: Remove images from imported product descriptions.
  • Import product images limit: Restrict the number of images loaded into WooCommerce for each product.
  • Default product quantity: Set a random stock quantity range for products.
  • Auto Update (stock availability only): Automatically check stock availability on a schedule for all products or manually for specific items.
  • Auto Update Price: Automatically update prices on a schedule for all products or manually for specific items.
  • Unavailable product status: If a sourced product becomes unavailable, it will be moved to trash, its status changed to “out of stock,” and marked as “in stock.”
  • Update Schedule: Set the schedule for auto-updating stock availability and prices.
  • Number of products updated per schedule: Specify the number of products to be updated on a schedule.

eBay Settings

Account Settings Configure API Keys to work with eBay and other platforms, using our convenient setup provided in the settings.

Products per Page Determine the number of products to be imported per request. Please note that the API may have limitations on the maximum quantity.

Affiliate Settings Configure your affiliate API settings.

AliExpress Settings

Account Settings Setup API Keys to collaborate with AliExpress and other platforms, utilizing our integrated solution accessible in the settings.

Products per Page Specify the quantity of products to be imported per request. Keep in mind that the API may impose limits on the maximum number.

Local Currency Set specific currencies for imported products.

Convert all links from description to affiliate links

Search Filters

You can search for specific products using the Product ID field. Additionally, there are various search filters available for each platform:

For eBay: store name, keywords, category, price range, shipping cost, feedback score, shipping options, condition, location, listing type. For AliExpress: keywords, category, price range, order quantities (last 30 days), feedback score, high-quality items.

Importing Products

You can easily import products into WooCommerce using our built-in API key or your own keys.

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