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Simplify Social Sharing

Social media is the heartbeat of the internet, and Monarch is your key to harnessing its immense potential for your business.

Choose from Over 20 Social Networks

Select from a wide array of over 20 social sharing networks to showcase on your website. Tailor your selection to create a personalized set of sharing options for your visitors.

Flexible Placement with 5 Locations

Every website, page, and post has unique sharing requirements. That’s why we offer five different locations for you to place sharing buttons.

  1. Floating Sidebar A floating sidebar is a popular, effective, and sleek way to incorporate social sharing icons on any page of your website. We’ve even included various styles for both vertical and browser edge orientations.
  2. Above & Below Content Perfect for blog posts and content-rich pages, Monarch allows you to position sharing buttons above, below, or in both locations of your content.
  3. On Images & Videos Media is arguably the most shared content on the web, and Monarch makes sharing it a breeze. When users hover over media elements in your content, social sharing buttons appear for quick and easy sharing.
  4. Automatic Pop-Up Monarch empowers you to create automatic sharing pop-ups that can trigger based on timed delays or when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page. These are exceptionally effective.
  5. Automatic Fly-In Similar to pop-ups, fly-ins are another powerful way to capture your readers’ attention when they are most engaged. They can be triggered by time delays, page scroll, or when the user’s mouse is leaving the page.

Six Automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers

Pop-ups and fly-ins can be triggered based on various user interactions, ensuring you grab your visitors’ attention when they are most engaged or about to leave your page.

  1. Timed Delay: Set a specific time delay for your pop-ups or fly-ins to appear after a user has been on a page for a certain duration.
  2. Bottom of Post: Let Monarch automatically detect when your readers reach the end of a post or page and give them a friendly reminder to share.
  3. After Commenting: Engage users who leave comments on your posts or pages with a social pop-up or fly-in.
  4. Upon Percent Scroll: Instruct Monarch to trigger a social pop-up or fly-in when visitors scroll to a defined percentage of the page.
  5. After Purchasing: Display a sharing pop-up or fly-in to your customers after they complete a purchase, encouraging them to promote your online store to friends and family.
  6. After Inactivity: If a user has been inactive on your page for an extended period, Monarch can be triggered to re-engage them with a pop-up or fly-in.

Build & Showcase Your Social Following

Allow your users to easily connect with your social network profiles, see your follower counts, and become fans of your brand. Monarch makes it effortless with simple settings.

Choose from Over 35 Social Networks

Monarch enables you to select from a vast range of over 30 social profiles and networks. Just provide your profile URLs, and Monarch will display the network icons and even dynamically update your follower counts if desired.

Place Follow Buttons Anywhere with a Shortcode

Displaying social follow links within your content is as easy as pasting a shortcode. Placing this shortcode in a Divi Text Module is an ideal way to utilize this feature.

Sleek, Customizable Design

We understand the importance of seamless design integration, so Monarch offers a range of design options.

  • Choose Button Shapes, Colors, & Hover Effects: Monarch provides three button shapes, five sidebar button hover effects, and four inline button hover effects, allowing you to perfectly match your social icons with your theme’s design.
  • Display Network Names & Social Counts: Enhance the connection by displaying network names alongside follower and share counts. Regardless of the information you choose to display, your social links will look stunning.
  • Pick Your Icon Orientation: Whether you want to display social network icons next to or above follower counts, Monarch’s flexibility offers you endless design possibilities.
  • Use Native Network Colors and Pick Your Own: Default button colors match the native colors of each social network, but for a custom look, you can choose your own colors for buttons and icons, both before and after hover.

Elegantly Responsive

Monarch ensures your website remains readable on all devices, including mobile. Its sharing icons are fully responsive, providing an excellent user experience even on smaller screens.

Lightning Fast

Monarch optimizes the loading of share and follow counts on your website through caching. You have full control over how often Monarch updates your counts.

The Monarch Dashboard

Setting up and managing Monarch is a breeze with our custom dashboard in WordPress. Easily access your Monarch settings, statistics, and data.

Configure Your Display Settings

In addition to appearance options, Monarch allows you to fine-tune your display settings to suit your needs. You can choose loading animations, share count minimums, and column structures, among other things.

Track Your Statistics

Access an overview of your Monarch statistics anytime through the dashboard. Simply click the stats icon in the upper right corner to view data on your shares, follows, and likes.

Import and Export Monarch Data

If you have multiple websites and want to replicate your Monarch configurations, you can quickly and effortlessly import and export Monarch settings from one WordPress site to another.

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