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Perfmatters WordPress Plugin: Enhancing Your Website’s Performance

Key Features We continuously update the Perfmatters plugin to help accelerate your WordPress website even further! Our goal is to implement performance optimizations seamlessly, sparing you the effort. Check out the latest features we’ve added:

Optimizations We designed the Perfmatters plugin with simplicity in mind. We’ve incorporated all these optimizations into our own websites and now offer you an effortless way to apply them too! No more messing around with articles or your functions.php file. Performance improvements shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s why everything can be enabled or disabled with just a click.

The primary way our plugin boosts your website’s speed is by disabling elements that may not be essential for your site. For instance, emojis are loaded by default on every page, but if you don’t use them, they’re just slowing you down. By disabling them, the script doesn’t load, reducing your HTTP requests and page size. Another significant optimization targets post revisions. These revisions can quickly accumulate in your database and bog down your site. By limiting them, you can maintain a fast and streamlined database.

Perfmatters Settings As you’ll see, everything can be toggled with a single click. Each option is accompanied by a helpful tooltip linking to our knowledgebase, explaining the optimization in more detail. This way, you can understand what each option does and why you might want to enable or disable it.

Scripts Manager We’ve also integrated a Scripts Manager into the Perfmatters plugin. This feature allows you to disable scripts on a per post/page basis. This functionality can significantly enhance the speed of your WordPress sites, especially your homepage. Here are a few examples of its use:

  • The widely used Contact Form 7 plugin loads on every page and post. With just one click, you can disable it everywhere or enable it only on your contact page.
  • Social media sharing plugins should only load on your posts. You can easily disable them globally or enable them solely for specific post types, even custom ones.

Extras Under the “Extras” tab, you’ll find DNS Prefetching, as well as the option to enable accessibility mode. Accessibility mode ensures that our plugin dashboard is fully compatible with screen readers, ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Real-Life Examples Here are a few instances of speedy WordPress sites that benefit from the Perfmatters plugin. Remember, our plugin isn’t a magic solution that fixes everything on your site instantly. While it won’t work wonders on its own, when combined with your website optimization efforts, the Perfmatters plugin can significantly boost your site’s speed. It’s designed for those who want to trim every millisecond of loading time from their WordPress sites.

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