WooCommerce Order Status Manager

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The WooCommerce Order Status Manager empowers you to effortlessly create, modify, and delete custom order statuses, seamlessly integrating them into your WooCommerce workflow. You can also configure email notifications triggered by status changes, and these customized status updates will be reflected in your orders list, order actions, and bulk actions for a truly seamless order fulfillment process.

Statuses in Action

With the WooCommerce Order Status Manager, you can set up email notifications for new order status changes, ensuring that both customers and shop administrators are always informed about order updates and changes.

Why Choose WooCommerce Order Status Manager?

Here’s why you should consider using the WooCommerce Order Status Manager for your online store:

  1. Create Custom Order Statuses: Easily create new order statuses and assign icons and action buttons to them.
  2. Inform Customers: Display status descriptions to customers on the “View Order” page, helping them understand the order status better.
  3. Edit Default Order Statuses: Modify default WooCommerce order statuses to add “next statuses” for quick action buttons.
  4. Seamless Workflow: Use “Next Statuses” to create a seamless order fulfillment process and add action buttons for each status.
  5. Customize Order Actions: Add custom statuses to your orders list, and include them in order actions and bulk actions for efficient order management.
  6. Reorder Statuses: Easily rearrange the order statuses in your admin panel by dragging and dropping them.
  7. Status Icons: Replace text badges with status icons in the “Orders” list for a more visual representation.
  8. Include Custom Statuses in Reports: Include orders with custom statuses in your sales reports for comprehensive data analysis.
  9. Mark Orders as “Paid”: Mark order statuses as “Paid” to display download links, purchase notes, and other details to customers.
  10. Handle Payment: Mark order statuses as “requires payment” to show “Pay” and “Cancel” links to customers.
  11. New Order Emails: Create new order notification emails triggered by status changes and customize their content using templates.
  12. Import Existing Statuses: Import custom statuses from other sources such as custom plugins or articles.
  13. Safe Removal: Remove custom statuses without losing order data, ensuring a smooth transition.
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